This Unexpected Dish Is Bobby Flay's Competition Go-To

In the most recent episode of the podcast "Always Hungry with Bobby Flay and Sophie Flay," the father-daughter duo talk about all things rice, which Bobby Flay called, "one of the most important ingredients worldwide." Through their lengthy conversation, they explored the many types of rice and the different ways to prepare it. Sophie revealed that she is a fan of Trader Joe's frozen fried rice, which her father chastised her for. We can't blame him for being disappointed — after all, the actual thing is so easy to make!

But if you're like Sophie and need a starting point for cooking your next dish featuring the popular grain, have no fear. In the episode, Bobby demonstrated how to make one of his go-to choices in competition. As you can guess from the theme of this installment, the dish is rice-based. You'll be amazed by how good it tastes and how simple it is to make.

Crispy rice is one of Bobby Flay's 'winning moves'

Bobby Flay stated that he gets made fun of because he makes crispy rice so often on his television show "Beat Bobby Flay," but still declared it one of his "winning moves" on the podcast. Not only is this due to the amazing taste of the dish, but also the variety in texture it presents.

In this episode, Flay and his daughter Sophie cooked up a coconut and scallion crispy rice. The dish also features cilantro and lime zest, which both add a lot of flavor to the recipe. He started off with some rice that was pre-cooked in coconut milk before spreading it onto a sheet pan. He then put it in the freezer before cooking it on a pan over the stove. He also emphasized the importance of refrigerating rice for this dish if he planned to make it in advance.

Why settle for Trader Joe's microwavable fried rice, when you can easily make your own with more flavor and better texture? A similar recipe was included in the cookbook "Bobby at Home," and is perfect for any night of the week (via Parade).