Padma Lakshmi's Touching Tribute To Andre Leon Talley Has Fans In Tears

Trailblazing fashion journalist, André Leon Talley, died on Tuesday, January 18 at the age of 73 (per New York Times). Often described as "larger than life," and usually seen in luxe caftans designed by members of his couture inner circle, Talley was, in many ways, the human personification of a "fashion statement" (per The New Yorker). Over the course of his life and career, Talley made an indelible mark in the worlds of fashion and art, inspiring many who dream of shattering ceilings, just as he had. The first black man to hold his position at Vogue, as well as the first to write about prominent designers of color, his place in the fashion industry paved the path for many (via Vogue).

The man who frequently wore bold and beautiful capes has touched many lives, and the Twitterverse is showing an outpouring of recognition using the hashtag AndréLeonTalley. You will find in these posts that those in the fashion and art industries aren't the only ones who respected, appreciated, and loved this human. Among them is celebrity chef and former fashion model, Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi shares her condolences

In April of 2016, André Leon Talley and Padma Lakshmi chatted candidly at a Women In The World conference about how culture, self-loathing, and color have affected Lakshmi's life (via YouTube). The two also spoke of how Lakshmi simultaneously shattered gender and race barriers to become the respected, knowledgeable culinary icon that she is. The conversation flowed easily, eventually turning to bizarre foods and even generating some laughs. 

Lakshmi posted to Twitter in remembrance of Talley and to express her appreciation for the fashion icon, writing "Rest in power, André Leon Talley," along with a broken-heart emoji and a link to Talley's New York Times obituary. Lakshmi's tweet has, thus far, been retweeted 11 times and liked by more than 335 users. Comments include, "Truly a great 'great' man," and "He was so Fabulous to watch."

The New York Times obituary Tweet garnered gracious comments as well, including, "We lost a Genius!, A pioneer in fashion for our Black culture. Sad day no question; prayers and condolences to his family," and "He did what he came to do and left a great legacy."