This Deceptive Chipotle Order Had TikTok Seeing Red

Sometimes you don't get exactly what you ordered. Mistakes happen, especially when your extreme order is so customized it barely resembles the original menu item. Don't get us wrong, it's fine to ask for no onion, but inventing an entirely new item can even be seen as rude.

Every once in a while, orders might get mixed up. In a drive-through, you might get what the car in front of you ordered. Again, this is understandable when workers are in a rush, and can usually be fixed fairly easily. And who knows, as one Redditor notes, you might enjoy the wrong order more than your actual order.

But what about substitutions? If the restaurant you're ordering from is out of a particular item, you'd expect someone to tell you that. In most cases, substitutions aren't a big deal. Ground turkey looks and tastes pretty similar to ground beef anyway.

Unfortunately, restaurants don't always confirm substitutions with the customer, and one hungry TikToker had to learn this the hard way. 

Nothing says appetizing like a bag of napkins

TikTok user Su.sannaa placed a Chipotle order online, but when she received her food, it in no way resembled what she ordered. According to her video, she received a handful of napkins, some forks, and a burrito filled with random ingredients.

How did this happen? She came to find out that the Chipotle which filled her order had run out of the items she requested. Rather than ask her about making substitutions or simply canceling the order, Chipotle workers allegedly threw together what few ingredients they had left in-restaurant (via Daily Dot).

One viewer advised the TikToker to file a food safety complaint, as the thrown-together order could have contained allergens. Tens of thousands of Americans end up in emergency rooms due to food-related allergic reactions each year, says Gourmet Marketing. Making substitutions without consulting the customer can have dangerous, even deadly consequences.

Some viewers who had worked for Chipotle apologized on the restaurant's behalf, but others confessed to doing the same thing. Remember, if you have food allergies, you can never be too careful.