Oreo Made Burger King's Wish Come True And Twitter Is Loving It

Oreo opened the floodgates when it asked its Twitter followers to share their sincerest wishes. The thread received a ton of attention, and brands everywhere chimed in. Embassy Suites said, "An Oreo Cookie Cocktail to add to our Happy Hour menu," while Ritz Crackers replied with, "I'd love a puppy. Like a REALLY cute puppy." Each comment received a Photoshopped image from Oreo that fulfilled the wish. The cookie company whipped up a picture of a cookie cocktail for Embassy Suites and a puppy on a park bench next to a giant cookie and cracker for Ritz, as well as an invitation to Oreo's 110th birthday party for Dentyne Gum, which commented, "I just want to be invited to the party tbh."

Burger King also jumped on the thread and had a very specific wish. The fast food chain commented, "a star on the Hollywood walk of fame!" and naturally, Oreo made its dream come true. On Twitter, Oreo replied with a picture of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, emblazoned with Burger King's logo resting atop an Oreo cookie.

Twitter loved Oreo's wish-granting abilities

"You're a [star emoji]," Oreo captioned its Twitter photo granting Burger King's wish — and social media was very into the gesture. Reddit's official account replied, "Can we have one too?" The cookie brand obliged and responded with a similar Hollywood Walk of Fame star photo featuring the Reddit logo on an Oreo. Fans loved the interaction and commented with gems like, "The Whopper itself DEFINITELY deserves one!" and "That's very great." Another user summed up their thoughts with a GIF of the Burger King mascot dabbing.

If you need a pick-me-up or want to have Oreo fulfill your wildest dreams, make sure to hop on the Twitter thread soon with your hopes. With any luck, Oreo should take notice and Photoshop something special just for you. After all, the brand didn't only help out major food brands like Sour Patch Kids and 7-Eleven: It also responded to everyday Twitter users like Greg.