The Great British Bake Off Just Announced A Spin-Off We Never Saw Coming

Fans of the "Great British Bake Off" (or "Great British Baking Show" as it's also known) might notice they start singing along as they bake — or at least as they watch the show and think about baking. That's because a new musical based on the hit series is set to debut on July 22, 2022 (via What's On Stage). This "world premiere" is set for Cheltenham's Everyman Theatre in England, so the production will be limited to British theatergoers (or travelers), at least for now.

True to the authentic "Bake Off" tradition, the storyline of "Great British Bake Off: The Musical" will feature a group of eight aspiring bakers (played by actors of course) competing on the classic show while also following their "trials and lives." It's an experience that's being described as a "heartwarming and wholesome comedy" (via The Guardian). The musical is also closely associated with the executive producer of the TV series, Richard McKerrow, according to What's On Stage, and features the handiwork of theater producer Mark Goucher. The show's original score will be by duo Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary who some may know from the musical "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾," per The Guardian, rounding out what sounds like an incredible team that will bring this to life.

As McKerrow shared in the article, "This brand-new 'Bake Off Musical' has been a creative labor of love that has taken several years of painstaking development."

Could the cast include former participants?

Details are yet to be announced as to the level of singing, dancing, and choreography that will be included in the musical and how it will be adapted from the televised show, but the series' executive producer Richard McKerrow comments, "The TV phenomenon 'Great British Bake Off' gets to the heart of the nation, and for a long time I felt that it could work wonderfully well on the stage," (via The Guardian). McKerrow also says he hopes it "proves to be a real treat for all the family and anybody who comes."

Another detail yet-to-be announced is the cast that will play the competing bakers and judges. There are, however, a number of previous series contestants known for having theatrical talent, so it's entirely possible these roles may be filled by real singing bakers (via Theatre Mania) — or at least we can hope so. Former "Bake Off" contestant Matt Lucas is known for his performances as Bowery in "Taboo" and Thénardier in "Les Misérables." Another former participant, Rowan Williams, is a music teacher and self-professed lover of opera and theater, while Lottie Bedlow is a production coordinator, and Laura Adlington is a self-professed "musical theatre geek." Any of these fine folks show the crossover potential for both foodies and theatre fandom that is at the heart of this new production.

While unexpected, we definitely expect this "Bake Off" spin-off to be enjoyable. (P.S. producers, we really need a "Sweeney-Todd"-inspired hit about the "Binned Alaska" if you're looking for more ideas.)