This McDonald's French Fry Argument Ended In Tragedy

The internet holds countless stories of customers enraged over one perceived offense or another. In some cases, customers overreact to a simple misunderstanding or an incorrect fast food order. Maybe they felt they had to wait "too long" for their food and reacted by attacking an employee.

Extreme overreaction is what almost all of these stories have in common. Was it really necessary to threaten to call the cops on some "loud" children in a restaurant's play area? At one Cape Cod restaurant, a customer who couldn't have an order taken before opening hours criticized the workers so harshly that they were reduced to tears (via The New York Times).

While many of these incidents don't go much further than a whole lot of screaming and carrying on, some unfortunately give way to violence. We're talking about customers hurling a large drink at a worker over unwanted ice (via CNN) or threatening and punching an employee over sauce packets. And some upset customers go even further when they don't get their way. 

A customer shot an employee after a dispute about a french fry discount

One woman in St. Louis, Missouri, got upset with a McDonald's drive-thru worker after she was denied a discount on her fries, says WPSD Local 6. It's unclear what sparked the misunderstanding or exactly what was said. However, authorities suspect that this disagreement was what led to the awful crime that followed, which was captured in surveillance footage.

The situation could've ended with an argument, but by an unfortunate twist of fate, it did not. When the McDonald's employee went out for a smoke break later that day, the customer – who had been waiting outside – pulled out a gun and shot the employee. The customer was arrested and charged with both first-degree assault and armed criminal action. She is being held on a $150,000 bond. Fortunately, the employee suffered only a minor injury and was released from the hospital, according to The New York Post.