Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its New Pappardelle Pasta Nests

When it comes to serving pasta, you have a ton of different varieties to choose from, but anyone who wants a noodle that can soak up a serious amount of sauce can't go wrong with pappardelle pasta, per Pasta Evangelists. This type of pasta originated in 14th century Tuscany and features long, flat noodles perfect for ragu and are usually made with eggs. Pappardelle ranks as one of the more decadent forms of pasta out there, and chefs usually serve it up for special occasions. With some help from Trader Joe's, pasta fans everywhere can turn any old day into a celebration thanks to the grocery chain's take on the ingredient that has shoppers talking.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered the find on a recent shopping run and had to share the find online. They posted a photo of the pasta alongside the caption, "ORGANIC PAPPARDELLE PASTA NESTS. Get your water boiled and get ready to enjoy pasta nests imported directly from Italy! What pasta sauce will you pair this with?" Fans jumped in with their suggestions, which ranged from, "Pair with Italian ragu!" all the way to, "I would do ground bison with Arrabiata sauce." Others simply declared their love for the noodle, responding with gems like, "Just bought some of these and the cashier was even checking them out asking me about them lol can't wait to pair with a bolognese," and, "Literally just made these earlier today and they are amazing!"

A pasta that has united Trader Joe's fans

Meanwhile, a Redditor separately discovered the pappardelle pasta and created a post titled, "Organic Pappardelle Pasta Nests. What's a good recipe?" Followers of r/traderjoes swarmed the post and offered their favorite ways to use the pasta. Winning ideas included replies like, "I haven't seen these before and I'm bummed because I was at Joes just today. I like to serve a bolognese with pappardelle. I use Kenji's pressure cooker bolognese. It's a lot of ingredients, but I have not had a better one anywhere (restaurants included)." 

Another suggested, "Omg I can't wait to try these. I love a good mushroom cream sauce with some pappardelle." Yet another user said, "Honestly, with pappardelle I just love a good quality butter ... garlic, fresh shaved parmesan and a punch of salt, red pepper flakes, and black pepper. if you are feeling fancy you can crisp some prosciutto in the oven and the[n] crush it over top," while another even posted a recipe for dan dan noodles. Clearly, if you need some pasta in your life that can spark your cooking imagination, you can't go wrong with this Trader Joe's offering. If you spot the product on your next grocery run, consider giving it a try and take inspiration from one of these many recipe suggestions that fans swear by.