Insomnia Cookies' New Valentine's Day Lineup Is All Things Red Velvet

Need a way to win over your crush's stomach, heart, and soul this Valentine's Day? Insomnia Cookies believes it has you covered there, thanks to its limited-edition red velvet cookie assortment developed for the lover's holiday. According to a press release by the cookie chain, customers can now order several different Valentine's-themed cookies and dessert bundles. On the menu is Insomnia's classic red velvet cookie, which starts with a blend of cocoa, butter, and vanilla before it's stuffed throughout with cream cheese chunks. The "deluxe" version of the treat throws in a melty cream cheese center.

The red velvet theme doesn't stop there. Insomnia is also offering a red velvet cookies and cream cookie — which includes bits of Oreo-like cookies — in a vegan and miniature version. For those who would rather eat their cookies with a spoon, there's also a red velvet cookie butter topped with pink and red sprinkles. Finally, customers can stock up on red velvet loaded brownies with cookie butter and sprinkles, as well as red velvet cookie dippers paired with cream cheese icing.

Insomnia Cookies' Valentine's dessert packages

If reading all of those dessert options gave you decision fatigue, Insomnia Cookies has already thought of a way to combat that: with variety packages. Through February 14, the cookie chain is offering Valentine's Day assortments of not only classic cookies, but also brownies and dippers. For example, those spending the holiday watching a rom-com might choose the Netflix & Chew box, which comes with a red velvet brownie and two types of cookie dippers with sweet sauces and sprinkles.

If you're preparing for a double date, on the other hand, the Valentine's Day 4+4 Pack — which includes four deluxe red velvet cookies and four classic cookies of your choosing — has two sweets for each person. Other options, from the Galentine's Pack to the Singles Awareness Pack, aim to ensure that every dessert lover is accounted for this Valentine's Day. To place an order, visit Insomnia Cookies in person or online.