Fun Dip's New Valentine Mystery Flavor Could Win You Money

If you're up for a new challenge, you may want to consider participating in Fun Dip's new contest. According to a company announcement distributed by PR Newswire, the brand is offering the "Solve the Fun Dip Mystery Flavor" sweepstakes for candy enthusiasts, just in time for Valentine's Day. The brand's parent company Ferrara is excited "to announce the first-ever flavor change" where fans can guess the new flavor of its classic Fun Dip Mystery Flavor candy.

Fans may recall that a similar challenge was previously hosted by Sour Patch Kids in April 2021, and fans had to determine the right flavor after tasting a new candy flavor launched by the brand. Guessing the right flavor would make a participant automatically eligible for the sweepstakes, and the winner was promised a grand prize of $50,000. According to Thrillist, fans received regular hints from Sour Patch Kids on social media and could also look for clues on the candy's packaging. A few months later, Sour Patch Kids finally revealed its new flavor on Twitter: Banana Cream Pie. 

You get several opportunities to play in the sweepstakes

The "Solve the Fun Dip Mystery Flavor" challenge is open to all. According to the contest's official website, participants can guess the new candy flavor every single day until February 14. A description on the site reads, "Can you guess the new flavor in our Fun Dip Mystery Flavor? Keep the guesses coming and one lucky winner will win a $5,000 check to fuel an epic adventure with the special Valentine in their life."

The company's Marketing Director of Seasonal Confections, Chad Womack, said in a statement, "While candy lovers take their best guess at what the flavor will be, they can also enjoy our fan-favorite seasonal treats like BRACH'S Tiny Conversation Hearts and classic Fun Dip to share with the special ones in their lives along the way (via PR Newswire).

The winner will be randomly picked, and fans will be introduced to the new flavor on February 15. Meanwhile, they can choose to sample the Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid Valentine's Day Pack and BRACH'S Tiny Conversation Hearts: The former lets you personalize the candy to share with your special Valentine, while the latter is a traditional Valentine's Day treat and leader in the "conversation hearts" candy category, per the company's news announcement. The seasonal products can now be found online on e-commerce platforms across the U.S., as well as in major grocery stores and drug stores.