Reddit Is Relating To This Dad Who Tried To Eat Cake In Secret

As kids, we're taught to share with others. While this is undeniably an important lesson to learn, there comes a time where you need to have a little something for yourself. Why else would stores sell single-serve cheesecake slices, mini ice cream pints, and little cups of Oreos?

If you've grown up with siblings, or if you have kids, you know all too well that your snacks will probably be eaten by someone else if you don't stash them away. You might even have to get creative to keep your snacks safe from hungry roommates; Spoon University suggests hiding protein bars in tissue boxes or candy in empty frozen food bags. Or, you can take it to the extreme like Bernadette in "The Big Bang Theory" and hide out in your kids' playhouse with a bottle of wine and Easy Bake Oven quesadillas (via Vulture).

We've all been there, and so has one cake-loving dad who has Reddit abuzz. 

He just wanted to have his cake and eat it, too

One tired dad just wanted to have one nice thing for himself after a long day at work. "I bought a single-serve piece of cake and ate it in my car without any wife sneaking bits or kids licking chocolate from the top," he wrote on Reddit. "Unfortunately I got caught, my wife is upset with me for going so far as to eat cake while hiding in my car and called me dramatic when I told her my reasoning."

A Newsweek survey from 2017 said 67% of working parents feel exhausted, both physically and emotionally, so we really can't fault the guy for just wanting to enjoy a slice of cake in blissful solitude.

Fortunately for this dad, other Redditors took his side and offered suggestions for future snacking in secret. Accomplished_Rock_48 summed up all the advice perfectly: "Next time, eat it in the grocery store parking lot like a mischievous little raccoon and throw the trash away there, too. Burn the receipt. Destroy all evidence. Swear the cashier to secrecy."