Instagram Loves Seeing Gordon Ramsay Do The #NotMyName Challenge

Social media platforms are always flooded with one trendy challenge or another. Some of these challenges have a more serious purpose, like the ice bucket challenge in 2014. Participants dumped ice water over their heads and encouraged others to donate to the ALS Association. By the time this challenge faded into the background, nearly $115 million had been donated (via ALS Association).

Sometimes a challenge intended to be for entertainment might take a turn for the worse. Consider the cinnamon challenge, which was popular back in 2012 and 2013. The idea was to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon in under a minute, no beverages allowed. While this initially seemed pretty harmless, at least one person actually died from asphyxiation (via Vice).

Fortunately, a lot of social media challenges are safe. The #NotMyName challenge, which is currently trending among celebrities, in particular, gets people to share all the names they've been called over the course of their careers, says The Today Show. Much to food fanatics' joy, Gordon Ramsay hopped on the trend as well. 

'That chef who roasts people on TikTok'

With a culinary career spanning three or so decades, it's no wonder Gordon Ramsay has collected many nicknames. A few of them come from the hot-headed chef's own creative insults. In the video Ramsay posted to Instagram for the #NotMyName challenge, he introduces himself as Gordon. Then the fun begins. The video goes on to list other names he has been called, including "the idiot sandwich chef," "hot wings guy," "that chef who roasts people on TikTok," "where's the lamb sauce guy," and 'the guy who spits food out." Needless to say, fans loved it.

Heart-eyed and laughing emojis littered the comments section. User Patrisialexx commented, "I love it when celebs do these trends." Natalierosso_ added, "OMG yesss I love it," and 007jaybee_ said, "I love it, so good," with heart-eyes and clapping emojis. At least one person used the challenge as a chance to compliment Ramsay: "They call you the world best chef! King of the Michelin Stars." Some fans noted that Ramsay left out a few nicknames, but the chef has so much to draw inspiration from that we can't blame him for missing some.