An Unexpected Duo Made Its Way Through A Kansas McDonald's Drive-Thru

Fast food drive-thru employees' shifts can get pretty monotonous. They take an order, prepare the order, serve it, and repeat. One McDonald's franchise reported that it serves up to 260 cars per hour, which equates to over 2,000 drive-thru interactions in an eight-hour shift. The orders probably include Big Macs, fries, Chicken McNuggets, and the occasional milkshake, making for a repetitive day. So when something extraordinary pulls through the drive-thru, whether it be at McDonald's or any other fast food joint, it gets noticed.

For instance, Distractify reports that once an entire funeral procession came through a McDonald's drive-thru, hearse and all, as part of the deceased's final wish, paying homage to his love for the restaurant. Another drive-thru employee remembered a diner who had removed the passenger seat from her car and replaced it with a large ring for her cockatoo to sit on. 

No doubt drive-thru employees have had their share of bizarre encounters, like one Kansas McDonald's that had an interesting pair hit its drive-thru.

A horse and cowboy trotted through this McDonald's drive-thru

Last week in Topeka, Kansas, Starbucks customer Brittany Stark was waiting in line at the drive-thru when she noticed something unusual going on in the McDonald's drive-thru next door. There was a horse and rider in line, who, in classic Kansas fashion, was dressed in complete cowboy fashion (via The Takeout). Stark filmed the transaction as the horse, sandwiched between two cars, made its way through the line and ordered what appeared to be a cup of coffee. Whether or not the saddle came with a cup holder is unclear. 

"I'm so happy I'm seeing this," says one voice in Stark's video while another chimed in, "This is the best thing ever" (via 13WIBW). The media outlet was sure to add a note for those who don't live in the Topeka area, stating, "Yes, this story is from Kansas, but no, this isn't something you see every day. Especially in the Northeast portion of the state!" 

There were no reports as to whether the horse stuck its head in the drive-thru window to say "Hayyyy!" to the stunned staff, but we certainly hope it did.