Here's When Babybel's Plant-Based Cheese Is Coming To The US

Brands have been promoting vegan cheese for some time now, and while this is great news for the plant-based community, taste and texture do matter. There are many options that meet the standards of the taste testers at Women's Health, who report that products like Tofutti's Better Than Ricotta and Good Food's Plant-Based Queso-Style Dip are among the best-tasting available vegan cheeses.  

Wired, on the other hand, reports that some plant-based cheese falls flat due to the lack of a certain protein found in cow's milk that scientists have a hard time replicating. Despite some challenges, vegan cheese has become a popular and sought-after item, and Babybel has big plans to capitalize on it.

According to a press release obtained by Mashed, the dairy brand is launching a plant-based cheese in the U.S. this March. The new product features bite-sized morsels of vegan cheese encased in Babybel's signature wax exterior, although rather than the usual red casing the plant-based cheese features a green one.

Babybel's future in plant-based cheese

Per the announcement, Babybel promises that its new, vegan product features the same texture and taste as its traditional red-wrapped cheese snacks. Katie Halgerson, Babybel Development Platform Manager at Bel Brands USA, shares "We're proud to give every cheese-lover an opportunity to enjoy the melty texture, creamy goodness and rich mouthfeel of their favorite Bel cheeses, including expanding our line-up of product offerings to Babybel, bringing our delicious flavor and palm-sized playfulness to the plant-based world."

Bel plans to expand its plant-based cheese line, Nurishh, by launching a variety of products including a cream cheese line featuring plain and chive spreads, as well as vegan cheese cubes with flavors like Cheddar and Hot Pepper. They are also offering Parmesan Style Shreds and cheddar and mozzarella sliced cheese. In addition, in 2023 Babybel plans to launch Laughing Cow Plant-Based items which promise to be as flavorful as traditional Laughing Cow cheeses.

Consumers looking for a plant-based cheesy snack can keep an eye out for Babybel's new product, which launches this spring at select U.S. retailers.