The Viral Domino's TikTok That Allegedly Got An Employee Fired

A Domino's employee was recently served a piping-hot pink slip thanks to their whistleblower posts that went viral on TikTok. Under the username @DominosDiscriminates, the TikToker's first post featured an image, presumably of two managers, at a Las Vegas Domino's location holding gaming controllers and looking at a video game, along with the caption, "@dominos Fired me for photos like this."

The comments section quickly got heated, with many TikTok users siding with the managers of the pizza chain and saying that they were probably on a break. One user said, "wow how you going to take a picture of people enjoying some down time. glad they cut the negativity," to which @DominosDiscriminates replied, "They were literally cussing up a storm while customers waited for orders. But go off kid lol." Others accused the TikToker of "snitching."

In response to the criticism, @DominosDiscriminates created another post, this time with a video showing the managers gaming while other employees worked in the kitchen. "For those who keep insisting in the comments that the two in the photo were playing video games were doing it on a 'break' or it 'must be slow.' Yeah, sorry that narrative doesn't work! Here they are again while orders are nearly two hours late." Evidently, TikTok isn't too hot on cold pizza, as many of the comments on this post shifted in opinion.

What TikTok thinks about these gaming Domino's managers

@DominosDiscriminates' follow-up TikTok also panned over an incoming orders screen, which appeared to be populating with orders while the managers were playing video games. The caption reads, "@dominos fired me for exposing the behavior of their managers." One commenter didn't understand the negative responses to the user's videos, saying, "I don't get why people are hating on u for this," and adding, "People shouldn't be on the job if they aren't gonna work."

Others noted that the order screen shown in the video wasn't as busy as @DominosDiscriminates may have suggested. A worker at a different Domino's location said, "That is only 4 delivery orders and one item in the makeline lol....they were slow!!!!" Another user concurred with this commenter while expressing empathy for @DominosDiscriminates: "Even though I think you're in the right, that screen looks pretty clear to me." 

Different commenters weren't sure why the employee opted to take their grievances to TikTok. Said @Anxietygurl, "Should have sent it into corporate though. They can do somethin." @DominosDiscriminates replied, "I did, I was ignored and investigated for these videos and ended up being fired for it." Although they're out of a job now, this whistleblower appears to be serving up their slice of revenge on social media; their TikTok profile is full of several other videos "exposing" Domino's for its managers' practices.