Stuffed Puffs' New Chocolate-Filled Marshmallows Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

When you think of Stuffed Puffs, the stuffed marshmallow candy brand, your mind might drift to the cracklin' campfires and grill-out meals of summer. The brand has always been here for s'mores, which inspired founder Mike Tierney to put real milk chocolate inside marshmallows in the first place. According to Factory, Tierney loved s'mores but the reality of making them with traditional ingredients was sometimes disappointing. This lead him to start the company, hoping that people could enjoy melty, creamy milk chocolate and marshmallow oozing over a honey-sweetened graham cracker without unmelted chocolate.

But if you associate the brand's marshmallows solely with s'mores and summer, you might be missing out on another delicious treat: a mug of hot chocolate with a scrumptious Stuffed Puffs marshmallow dropped in. Think of it like a sweet and creamy bath bomb for your mouth. Now, a new milk chocolate-filled marshmallow has been announced, and it's pink and heart-shaped — which makes it perfect for Valentine's Day, midwinter's celebration of love. 

Pink marshmallows filled with real milk chocolate

Stuffed Puffs just introduced a new filled marshmallow flavor to its product line that is pink-hued, heart-shaped, and filled with real milk chocolate. It almost goes without saying that the new treat is perfect for Valentine's Day. The only question that remains is how you'll choose to savor the product. Obviously, you can pop some milk-chocolate-enhanced marshmallows into a couple of mugs of hot cocoa and enjoy with your Valentine. In that case, you'll want to use two to three Stuffed Puffs per mug, according to the brand's recipe. 

There are other options as well, including indoor s'mores. According to Food Network, you can prepare the dessert in your kitchen using a baking sheet and the oven. Stuffed Puffs also offers a s'mores recipe that you can make in your air fryer in as quick as 5 minutes.