Fans Can't Decide Whether They Prefer Trader Joe's Joe-Joes Or Oreos

People can have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to snacks. Some people prefer sweet to savory, while others would pick chips over cookies anytime. However, disagreement can still occur even when people like the same type of snacks, as one recent post in the r/traderjoes subreddit showed. Reddit user u/saltycase posted a seemingly innocent question, asking "Who else here thinks Joe-Joe's are better than Oreos?" While the two are both similar types of chocolate and creme sandwich cookies, their fellow Reddit users still felt pretty strongly about the topic.

Oreos brand and the Trader Joe's brand are both vegan desserts, containing no dairy or eggs, so neither cookie has an advantage in that regard. There are over 65 different varieties of Oreos, including some pretty creative flavors, like crispy tiramisù, carrot cake, root beer float, and even churro Oreos, according to the New York Times. While Joe-Joes has released quite a few different flavors, including seasonal ones like pumpkin and candy cane, they don't have anywhere near the same amount of variety as Oreo cookies. So if you're a snacker who prefers a lot of variety, then Oreos might win out in this regard.

Cookie fans debated which was the superior snack

When it came right down to it, most of the commenters on Reddit made their decision just based on the straightforward flavor of the traditional chocolate variety. Those who preferred Oreos weren't shy about expressing it. "Joe joes taste like trash and I'm not picky when it comes to sweets," one Reddit user replied. "Joe joes taste stale seconds after you open them," agreed another user. However, Joe-Joes also had some strong defenders. "Yes Joe-Joe's are so good! Love the pumpkin ones in fall," one fan replied. "Joe joes use real cream filling and you can see the speckles of vanilla in it. Oreos uses that fake stuff," u/DesSeekingChupacabra wrote.

One cookie fan was so dedicated to answering this question, they even conducted a taste test experiment with their friends. "First I had them rank the cream. Then the cookie. Then the whole thing. Oreo ranked last and jojos ranked first for each of the individual components (cream and cookie). But when it came to the whole cookie, the rankings completely flipped. Oreos were first, Jojos last," u/dewdrop_world explained. But while fellow cookie fans can definitely appreciate all the effort that has been put into answering this question once and for all, it seems unlikely they will ever reach a consensus. So perhaps, the best way to answer this question is with another question: Why not have both?