This Starbucks Barista Is Begging TikTok To Stop Requesting Warmed Drinks

Starbucks is undoubtedly a popular pick for coffee lovers: in fact, it's believed that those who cannot get enough of the coffee shop make it a point to go to the store around 16 times every month. If you're truly a Starbucks loyalist, you'll be pleased to know that you can try as many as 87,000 different beverage combinations at the coffee shop if you don't mind experimenting with your order.

For some baristas, working at the chain can be a memorable experience. But when it comes to customers, there are a few things that annoy most Starbucks staff members. On Reddit, one worker gave an example and said that it's irritating when someone goes ahead and reaches "behind the counter to grab a straw/sleeve" instead of simply asking a barista for help. A commenter agreed with this, saying "I tell people that it violates health code when they reach behind the counter. Don't be grabby on my bar, you're a grown a** adult that's perfectly capable of asking for something."

A self-proclaimed Starbucks employee has now posted a video clip on TikTok, urging people to stop asking baristas for this particular drink modification.

People can relate to this sentiment

In a video, TikTok user @thehighbarista shares a prompt asking "the most ridiculous request" that she has received as a Starbucks barista. She had her answer ready: "What's the expectation when you ask me to warm up your drink?" she says. "Because when you tell me that, it makes me think that you want me to microwave it...and this is not a Chili's." She did mention that she's happy to prepare — and even remake — beverages for her customers but doesn't appreciate being told to heat them up later.

Her statement definitely didn't go unnoticed. Viewers, including many other frustrated Starbucks employees, posted hundreds of comments in response to the clip. Someone recalled a ridiculous incident where a customer asked for "18 scoops of blackberries" in their beverage, so they used an entire bag for the order, but the customer said that they wanted even more. Another popular comment read, "They wanted a strawberry acai steamed" to which someone replied, "No." A TikTok user also mentioned that they were once asked to make a "venti white mocha, with no milk or espresso" and joked, "I don't get paid enough."