Claire Holt Shares Her Favorite Ways To Eat Nutella - Exclusive

If you'd love the chance to really tempt your sweet tooth, the perfect place to do so would have to be at the hub for all things hazelnut cocoa spread. Just this week, actress Claire Holt got to do just that. "I went to the Nutella Café in Chicago, which was a childhood dream," she told us during an exclusive interview.

With World Nutella Day quickly approaching on February 5, this star of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" is partnering with the brand and has created some of her favorite recipes to celebrate at home with her family. And her vacay at the Nutella Café proved to be a pretty great place for her to get even further inspired. "I got to try the Nutella crepes, the Nutella banana bread, fruit dipped in Nutella," she said. "I mean, they were all delicious." There are hundreds of other satisfying ways to eat this popular hazelnut spread, so we asked Holt to share just a few of her favorites with us.

Her favorite way to eat Nutella on Valentine's Day includes fruit

Let's be honest: There's really no better way to enjoy Valentine's Day than to spend it eating a jar full of Nutella. "I think you've got to do the dipped fruit. The strawberries in the Nutella. [It's] delicious," Claire Holt told us, and admitted it's her favorite way to eat the treat on February 14.

To sweeten up the snack even more, Nutella recommends adding mini pancakes into the mix as part of a cute skewer assembly. Take your favorite fruits, spread them with some Nutella, and skewer them together alongside pancakes for the ultimate sweet treat. If it's later in the day, there's nothing wrong with simply enjoying fruit covered in Nutella either. "That's like a romantic thing, isn't it? Dipping fruit in chocolate. Giving it to your lover," Holt laughed. Or, you know, just feeding it to yourself. That sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a day of self love!

Holt's kid-approved way to nibble on Nutella proves the treat is for everyone

As a parent, coming up with a quick concoction for your kids' snack time is a must. Nutella makes it easy for this mother of two to do just that. "I love, like, the classic traditional Nutella on toast," Claire Holt told us. "[Or], Nutella on a pancake." In fact, she came up with a perfect kid-approved recipe to do just that.

Since partnering with the iconic hazelnut spread, she's created the most delicious way for her kids to start the day. "I made almond flour pancakes, which are really nice and healthy pancakes, nice and fluffy, [and they] taste like traditional pancakes. And then [I put] just a nice little spread of Nutella on top," Holt described. "My kids get to have Nutella on special occasions like this. So it was really fun, and, obviously, they loved it."

Head to Instagram to get Claire Holt's Nutella pancakes recipe and to see more of her love for the hazelnut cocoa spread. Fans can also share their favorite ways to eat Nutella on Twitter by replying to the @NutellaDay account or using the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.