Why You Might Want To Skip Almonds On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day to show our love, and many people choose to celebrate with flowers, gifts, and lots of food. However, there are some foods that you might want to avoid on Valentine's Day, and one of them might surprise you.

If you want to stay up to enjoy all the Valentine's Day festivities, you might want to snack on some proven energy-boosting foods. While caffeine-laden drinks like coffee and tea might be the most obvious choices, you don't have to rely just on coffee to feel perked up. In fact, many common Valentine's Day foods might be just what you need to keep your energy levels high. That box of dark chocolates you might have purchased for the occasion also contains iron and several healthy antioxidants, as well as some caffeine, which is sure to give you a little extra energy, according to Livestrong.

Berries also contain high amounts of nourishing antioxidants and a touch of sweetness that won't make you crash like other sugars, making them the perfect choice for a romantic dessert (via Web MD). And choosing a main course of healthy, lean proteins, such as chicken, eggs, or oysters can provide slow-burning fuel for your body that will help you keep your energy levels steady all night. It is also important to remember to stay hydrated to keep yourself feeling healthy and alert.

Almonds have their drawbacks

On the other hand, although almonds have a reputation as a healthy snack, they might not be the best idea for the most romantic night of the year. These nuts contain two important nutrients, tryptophan and magnesium, both of which promote sleep by helping to "naturally reduce muscle and nerve function while also steadying your heart rhythm," sleep expert Sammy Margo explained to the Independent.

Almonds also contain melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for regulating your body's natural sleep-wake cycle, per Healthline. They have been shown to help reduce inflammation and to lower cortisol levels, all of which combine to help make it easy for you to drop right off into a restful sleep. This is great for people looking for ways to accelerate slumber. However, conking out early in the evening, before the celebration even gets off the ground, is probably the last thing on most people's list of Valentine's Day plans. So it might be best to avoid almonds and other snacks that are more likely to make you feel more ready for bed than for a party. No matter how you plan on spending Valentine's Day, eating the right types of food can help make your celebrations even better.