The Bizarre Reason Cincinnati Bengals Fans Are Shotgunning Chili

Anyone who needs to drink a canned beverage as fast as possible can't go wrong by shotgunning it. According to Vine Pair, anyone who wants to shotgun a canned drink has to hold the container sideways, stab a hole at the bottom, turn the can upright after putting your mouth on the hole, and then drink as fast as you can. It can be fun to race a friend when drinking a soda or beer, seeing who can gulp the drink the most quickly at a football tailgate.

While many people may associate shotgunning with beer-drinking, Cincinnati Bengals fans have taken this art form to the next level. City Beat reports that sports fans have traded their cans of beer for cans of Skyline Chili. The trend has truly taken off and users across the internet have begun showing love for their team by posting videos on Twitter of them downing cans of the chili, while another thread saw fans doing chili shots instead. According to Food & Wine, some fans just simply crack open the top of the can and down the product like it was a drink. All of these antics have begged one simple question — why?

Shotgunning chili for good luck

According to Food & Wine, Cincinnati Bengal superfans have been downing Skyline Chili. Diehard fans have started quickly chugging chili cans as a superstitious way to help the team win. Skyline Chili has not officially commented on this phenomenon but has placed a bet with Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles over the outcome of the Super Bowl: If the Rams defeat the Cincinnati team, Skyline Chili plans to donate $500 to a community organization associated with the Los Angeles Rams. If the Bengals win, Pink's will donate the same amount to a foodbank.

City Beat reports that the chili proves perfect for shotgunning, as the pull-top works just like a beer can. This isn't the first time sports fans from the city have shotgunned the chili, either. Cincinnati Red fans started shotgunning the food back in 2018 after the team traded pitcher Homer Bailey, per UPI. In any case, if you find yourself at any sports bar in Cincinnati during the Super Bowl, expect to witness this phenomenon along with a possible invitation to join in during the festivities.