Instagram Is Baffled By Martha Stewart's Mechanical Squirrel

Martha Stewart has won over fans thanks to a variety of lifestyle tips she has offered over the years. On her own website, Stewart makes recommendations on everything from how to wax furniture, to tips on how to remove wine stains, to the best ways to dust. Other outlets value her advice so much, they even dedicate entire pieces to her guidance, as Parade did with it's glowing rundown, "28 Classic Martha Stewart Recipes Your Family Is Begging You To Make for Them," which features the homemaking guru's apple pie, turkey burgers recipes, vegetable barley potpies, and more.  

While fans keep coming back to Stewart for lifestyle and cooking advice, sometimes her tastes don't exactly hit the mark. In a recent Instagram post, Stewart showed off a video of a mechanized squirrel positioned on top of what appears to be a tin can. The squirrel bobs up and down, and every time it descends, it presses on a spoon attached to the lid of a jar filled with marbles. The jar lid never opens that far, and the purpose of the knick knack remains unclear. Nevertheless, Stewart posted the video emblazoned with text reading, "This squirrel is charming!"

Fans didn't agree and swiftly questioned the celebrity's post.

Fans react to the squirrel video

While it's not that unusual for Martha Stewart's Instagram to create an uproar, this mechanical squirrel post has attracted its fair share of attention from followers who question the decoration. Fans chimed in with, "Martha! Are you high?" and "Girl what is happening?" Others responded with takes ranging from, "Martha, stay away from Snoop Dog," all the way to, "Have you been hacked, Martha?!" One particularly frantic user questioned if Stewart actually posted the video, writing, "I was like, 'wait what? Is this a spoof Martha Stewart account?' Then I checked and I was like, 'oh, this is the real Martha Stewart! lol!' Then I was like, 'what's the deal with the squirrel?' Then I was like, 'oh look a squirrel!'"

Others felt more disturbed by the animatronics and they let their voices be heard. Creeped out replies included, "Martha, respectfully, this is horrifying," and "Nope it's creepy. I can see how you confused the two, they both start with a C. But that's definitely creepy." While many scratched their heads over the post, some fans couldn't get enough of the squirrel. One commenter even noted some sentimental value, writing, "Oh my word. This is so darling, and I would love to know if there's any way to purchase it?! My dear Grandma had one just like it."

The post indicates that even at her most random, Stewart still hits home with some of her followers, even if it's over some strange squirrel decor.