Buddy Valastro's Valentine's Day Cookie Is Turning Heads

Buddy Valastro may be the Cake Boss, but that doesn't mean he can't whip up a cookie from time to time. In a recent Instagram post, the Carlo's Bakery owner shared a video of himself making a special Valentine's Day cookie with a hand-piped frosting rose, and his followers' reactions were basically the heart-eyes emoji in word form. "Teaching the team how to create our new Rose Cookies we launched just for Valentine's Day 2022," the pastry chef wrote in the caption. 

It's not really news to say that Valastro is a talented dessert decorator, as evidenced by the (according to us) seven best "Cake Boss" cakes, ranging from a Transformers-inspired creation to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Still, viewers of his recent video seem to be entranced by the baker's piping skills as he shows his staff how to create the perfect blooming red rose on a sugar cookie with green sprinkles.

Fans were impressed by Valastro's piping mastery

"When making a rose, start with your center," Valastro instructs in his Instagram video as he holds a piping bag full of red icing. Carefully rotating the cookie on a cake stand, the Cake Boss shares his tips on how to create realistic rose petals that gradually open and get larger toward the outside of the flower. Soon after he posted the video, the comment section flooded with impressed viewers. "Beautiful and delicious," one person wrote. A few chimed in with the clapping emoji, and one even left a sentimental note, "Carry on doing your amazing masterpieces," the viewer wrote.

For Valastro, piping these red rose cookies is probably like tying his shoes. For all of us laymen bakers, they're a pretty impressive treat for the annual day of love. Though Carlo's Bakery only has locations in certain states, the limited-time cookies appear to be available for nationwide shipping on the website.  A 12-pack costs $69.95.