Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Try Its Returning Shortbread Yogurt Cookies

You've heard of yogurt-covered pretzels, but have you ever tried a yogurt-frosted cookie? Trader Joe's has just restocked its take on the treat, named Pinks & Whites, leading up to Valentine's Day, per Instagrammer @traderjoeslist. The fan account shared a picture of the flower-shaped, yogurt-coated, sprinkle-covered shortbread cookies, calling them "a classic favorite that satisfies the cookie craving." They added, "These adorable cookies were a favorite of mine growing up! Will you be revisiting these colorful cookies?"

Based on excited comments from fans, many people certainly will — especially those with kids. "THANK GOODNESS. My 3 year olds favorite! Every week I get threenager judged when I don't bring them home on grocery day," one user said. Another chimed in, "Love these! I have a couple of boxes ready to go for our preschoolers (& teachers) for our Valentine's Day party. They are the perfect size for little hands & appetites!"

Some people compare these Trader Joe's treats to circus animal cookies

If you haven't yet tried Trader Joe's Pinks & Whites cookies, you're not alone. While many commenters on @traderjoeslist's Instagram post said they couldn't wait to get their hands on a box (or three) of the sweets, one user said, "I've never had these before! Should I try them?!" Most users seemed to say yes, such as one who compared the shortbread bites to the Mother's brand circus animal frosted cookies. 

These aren't the only Trader Joe's cookies that contain yogurt. The grocery chain has also been known to carry oatmeal sandwich cookies with Greek yogurt creme, per the What's Good at Trader Joe's blog, which says they're somewhat like soft Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. Unlike these, however, the Pinks & Whites appear to be a seasonal item, as one Instagram user pointed out that they're "the spring version of the pumpkin" Trader Joe's cookies carried in the fall.