Brach's New Jelly Bean Flavor Tastes Like Your Favorite Cupcake

Brach's isn't just known for its candy corn. The company produces a wide range of chocolates and candies, including a classic: jelly beans. And according to an Instagram post by the popular account @candyhunting, the brand will soon be releasing its latest bean-shaped offering just in time for Easter.

The sweet, round, and chewy confections known as jelly beans have managed to strike a chord among candy enthusiasts for centuries. The sweet is said to have been developed in the 1800's, when an American candy maker added their own spin on the Middle Eastern treat Turkish Delight. By the 1930s, The Spruce Eats notes that jelly beans started making an appearance around Easter every year, perhaps because they look a bit like tiny, brightly-hued eggs.

Well, as Taste of Home points out, Brach's latest flavor for the festive season pays tribute to a colorful classic that has been used in desserts for years.

Fans are divided over the flavor

According to Candy Hunting, Brach's new jelly bean flavor is Funfetti and is going to be available, in all likelihood, before Easter this year. Per Taste of Home, every jelly bean "is white with colorful confetti spots" that is meant to make you feel nostalgic as you bite into the candy. These Funfetti Jelly Beans can currently be purchased at Oriental Trading and Big Lots, but it's not clear when they'll be launched at other major retailers and grocery stores in the U.S.

Candy enthusiasts are a little confused about the latest release: while some are loving the idea of eating jelly beans that taste like a classic Funfetti cake, others aren't so sure. One commenter wrote on Candy Hunting's Instagram post that they "will definitely be on the look out for these‼️" while someone else retorted "Ok funfetti, you are going way too far." Someone even joked that this new flavor is potentially dangerous, and that they hope to be able to purchase tiny packs so that they "don't overdo it."