Instagram Is Salivating Over Wolfgang Puck's Simple Bread Snack

Wolfgang Puck has come to be associated with a variety of signature dishes over the years. According to Food & Wine, this top chef has turned heads with his carrot and broccoli rabe terrine, potato pancakes served with caviar, and a dill creme fraiche, and even luxurious hot dogs covered with bacon and filled with cheese. While these decadent offerings could easily win over almost any diner, Puck also lent his skills to the creation of garlic toasts topped with goat cheese.

In a recent Instagram video, the chef showed off another way to transform bread into a luxurious snack. The chef scoops butter using the end of a baguette and then sprinkles salt and pepper over the creation. He then states that a bit of cheese on top would also make it perfect before digging in alongside a glass of red wine. This stripped-down snack struck a chord with followers and fans of the chef couldn't wait to share their hungry opinions on the bread-and-butter combo.

Wolfgang Puck can even elevate bread and butter

Instagram followers of Puck immediately poured in and started drooling over the classic combination of bread and butter. Hot takes like, "Linecooks everywhere are rejoicing in celebration of this most prized 'behind the line and duck low' snack," and "I LOVE BREAD....AND SIMPLE IS ALWAYS BEST," immediately hit the thread. One follower loved the beverage pairing, saying, "Love the addition of wine," while another chimed in with, "What kind of red wine is that looks good." Others couldn't get enough of Puck's mechanized salt and pepper dispensers, replying with, "The best!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the salt and pepper dispenser! What brand are they," and, "I need those salt and pepper dispensers. Tell me where to get them??!"

One Instagram user summed up the comment thread's sentiment in one short take — "Bread BUTTER Salt.... Perfection." Puck elevated this humble snack to the next level with a few simple ingredients and anyone who needs some quick inspiration for a small snack can do far worse than Puck's simple, delicious combo.