Chick-Fil-A Employees Are Sharing Their Favorite Custom Orders On Reddit

There's no denying Chick-fil-A's popularity. Bringing in about $11.3 billion in annual sales (via Restaurant Business Online), the fast food chain definitely knows how to deliver what their customers want. But, while their spicy chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets are certainly crowd-pleasers, die-hard Chick-fil-A fans know that even the tastiest food can still be made just a little bit better. And that's where secret menu hacks come in. Some fans prefer to make simple adjustments, such as adding buffalo sauce to a regular spicy chicken sandwich to make it even more flavorful, while others have found that blending a cookie into their favorite Chick-fil-A milkshakes can make it even more delicious, according to Spoon University.

However, it would appear that no one knows how to hack the Chick-fil-A menu better than the employees themselves. Most workers are entitled to a free meal during their shifts, and quite a few of them use this opportunity to get a little creative with their favorite menu items (via The Chicken Wire). Recently, one Chick-fil-A worker decided to take to social media to ask their fellow employees about their favorite way to mix up the menu. "What was the most bizarre custom-made employee meal you've had/taken??" they asked the Subreddit.

Many Chick-fil-A workers have creative custom orders

Chick-fil-A workers responding on the Reddit thread certainly didn't disappoint. It turns out, many people like to get creative with their shift meals, and quite a few of them were happy to share their best custom menu hacks. "Used the biscuits dough and made like pizza with spicy grilled chicken, roasted corn, bell pepper, and add lots of cheese as toppings. Ate it while it's hot," one person replied. "I have my BOH manager who gets a Grilled Club and adds a spicy filet to it and substitutes whole wheat for white bun," wrote another employee.

However, it's not just the food items that can be tweaked to make them even better. Many users also replied with suggestions for some creative drink concoctions that took the original from good to great. One Redditor admitted that the "half Powerade, half Coke Zero" was their "go-to drink on shift," while another said that frosted Powerade "tastes just like cotton candy." And suggested, "My trainer likes to get a frosted coffee with Oreo." So while Chick-fil-A's best-selling items sure seem to be popular enough all on their own, it makes sense that workers that are eating Chick-fil-A regularly might want to add a little extra variety to these classic items. And who knows? Maybe one of these employee's creative custom orders will make it onto the official menu one day so we can all try it.