Adam Eats The 80s - Release Date, Episodes, And More

Fire up your DeLoreans, time-travelers, and make sure the flux capacitor is fluxing; we're going back to the 1980s. The History Channel is premiering a new show starring Adam Richman called "Adam Eats the 80s" (per RealScreen), in which the chef and bonafide 80s-a-phile goes back in time and across the country to explore, in Richman's words, "the music, the moments, the fashion, and of course, the food" that made the decade so memorable.

Broadway World says Richman plans to check out versions of products that were never revealed to the public, but also to revisit the tastes and treats you know and love (and may have forgotten about) from the 1980s. So, if you're someone who's been wondering whatever happened to Domino's breakfast pizza, or those little Star Wars cookies that Pepperidge Farm did for a while (or, if you're a Gen Z'er who has no idea what we're talking about), this just might be the program for you. Those who have been jonesing for a stroll down memory lane, with a long stop at the decade that brought America John Hughes and great strides in the Burger Wars, need wait only a little bit longer. If you don't want to miss a single food hit (or miss) that such a crazy decade churned out, you're going to want to settle in for all 10 half-hour episodes of "Adam Eats the 80s."

What will 'Adam Eats the 80s' feature?

According to RealScreen, "Adam Eats the 80s" will premiere on the History Channel on Sunday, February 27. As Richman himself puts it in Broadway World: "The 80s was a loud, lovable, dynamic and delicious neon explosion of a decade." And since the country's culinary scene, for better or for worse, is often a reflection of the times, we can't wait to snag a seat at the '80s table and see what's on the menu.

In a nice little double-header, the show that immediately precedes "Adam Eats the 80s" is another Adam Richman-hosted event: "The Food That Built America" (per Broadway World). That series offers a peek behind the corporate curtain, telling the stories of culinary entrepreneurs like Ettore "Chef" Boyardee and Debbi Fields, who built brand empires around their favorite foods. The line-up seems intentional, and we're guessing that Richman's first show will offer a lot of tie-ins, or at least some great context, to his second; an exploration of the corporation-happy 1980s, which the host has indicated will feature iconic brands of the era.

Nintendo cereal, Ghostbusters keepsakes, Big League Chew, and shopping mall staple Auntie Anne's Pretzels are all on the agenda for what Richman calls his "moonwalk down memory lane." The 1980s boasted some big swings by legendary brands; possibly part of what makes the era so near and dear to Richman's heart: "As someone who grew up in the 1980s and is still obsessed with the decade, working on 'Adam Eats the 80s' has been the best adventure ever," he says.