Read This Before Adding Protein Powder To Your Porridge

Protein powder often brings to mind things like workouts, shakes, and a convenient way to add protein to diets. The supplement is especially popular with those who spend a lot of time playing sports and/or working out, as according to Medical News Today, protein "helps build muscle, repair tissue, ... aid in weight loss and help people tone their muscles."

Two of the most popular foods to use protein powder in are shakes and porridge or oatmeal. The supplement can also be an excellent addition to waffles, fruit salad, and even mashed potatoes (via Business Insider). However, you may notice that in certain foods, such as porridge, adding protein powder can make the texture lumpy and gritty.

Fortunately, if you find lumpy porridge unappetizing, there's an easy fix for this texture conundrum. Heating protein powder can actually make it curdle, says Women's Health Magazine. But if you add the protein powder to your meal when it's already hot, the porridge stays smooth and creamy. 

Protein powder poses risks as well as benefits

As the name suggests, protein powder is a powderized version of concentrated protein from either animal or plant sources. The three types of protein powders — concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates — each contain different percentages of protein, fat, carbs, and fortified vitamins and minerals (via Healthline).

While protein powder is a popular and convenient nutritional supplement, WebMD reports that it is unregulated by the FDA, and therefore many manufacturer claims are unverified. In addition, Harvard Health Publishing points out that labels can be misleading, and the powder itself potentially dangerous. If you choose to use it, it's important to buy your protein powder from a reputable manufacturer and have a doctor's supervision.

When searching for a protein powder, it's a good idea to choose one labeled "Certified for Sport" by the NSF, as this foundation regularly performs quality and safety tests on products (via Men's Health). Once you find the right protein powder for your lifestyle, adding it to porridge after heating will result in a smooth and creamy protein-rich breakfast.