How A Flight Attendant Used A Coffee Pot To Avoid Disaster

People rarely describe flight meals as delicious or appetizing. Most folks tend to just put up with them because their options are limited. According to TIME, this can be attributed to several reasons such as the fact that most "pre-made meals" are frozen before takeoff and flight attendants only get the chance to thaw them after take-off. Charles Spence, a professor who teaches experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, explained that "Meals are prepared in advance, so they are shelf-stable for a number of hours. Then it's reheated in less than ideal conditions, which contributes to it not tasting great."

Well-known chefs such as Gordon Ramsay can't stand airplane food and tend to avoid it at all costs: Ramsay usually likes to eat something before boarding a flight so that he's not forced to rely on less palatable options. That said, food and beverage options can be unexpectedly useful on a flight and can prove to be beneficial. Here's an interesting example: a flight attendant recently pulled off something heroic with a coffee pot after things got out of hand inside the aircraft.

A coffee pot turned out to be useful

As reported by Newsweek, passengers witnessed a shocking incident on an American Airlines flight that was heading towards Washington D.C. on Sunday. The pilots were forced to carry out an emergency landing in Kansas City, Missouri, after a traveler started behaving in an unusual manner and tried to access the pilots' cabin and even "attempted to open the cockpit and cabin door".  

A quick-thinking flight attendant ran to get a coffee pot that she used to stop the situation from worsening further. Other passengers rushed to help the flight attendant and used force to keep the man in one place. After the flight landed, the FBI rushed into the aircraft to investigate. A passenger tweeted about the incident and wrote, "The FBI have boarded flight #AA1775 and are going through the scene after a flight attendant used a coffee pot to strike a middle aged man multiple times who was attempting to open the plane door." 

Many Twitter users reacted to the incident with comments like "Those metal airline coffee pots are I'll bet that stung" and "I think the attendant was at boiling point!" Someone else also cracked a joke and wrote, "Clearly not decaf."