This Is Why Walmart's In-Store Dining Options Are More Diverse Than Ever

Quenching your thirst at a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts after a long day of weaving in and out of department store aisles may feel like second nature now, but shoppers didn't always have that luxury. Walmart, the world's largest retail store, has been keeping its customers happily fed for decades with in-store dining options. Luckily for loyal Walmart shoppers, the list of tasty choices is growing by the minute. The superstore previously had a partnership with McDonald's, but they're making room for a variety of new flavors and cuisines inside their stores (via RetailWire).

The number of chain department stores continues to shrink as consumers opt for online buying, but since Walmart can match most e-commerce marketplace prices they manage to keep customers coming back. Although, in order to set themselves apart, they've had to focus on other amenities, such as dining options for weary shoppers. National retail sales have plummeted in the past few years and adding various dining options is a clever tactic to lure shoppers inside, The Wall Street Journal reports. Shopping can really work up an appetite, after all.

Walmart waves goodbye to McDonald's

The scent of McDoubles and McFlurrys used to fill the aisles of Walmart department stores all over the country, but the corporations recently ended their U.S. contract. This will ultimately close hundreds of Walmart McDonald's. Before any fast food-fueled hearts break, Walmart spokesperson Avani Dudhia let Super Market News know that some appealing new eateries will be filling the vacant spots with a plethora of menu options. According to Eat This, anything from a Nathan's Famous hot dog to La Madeleine pâtisseries could be found at your local store, as well as health-minded options like Saladworks and Frutta Bowls.

Walmart's new dine-in concept means options galore, says Food and Wine. If choosing between a salad and a cheeseburger is proving difficult, why not both? Walmart's new Ghost Kitchen allows customers to order whatever they desire from up to 24 restaurants, all at one counter. The food from the Ghost Kitchen will also be available on apps like DoorDash. When speaking of dining options under Walmart's roof, Dudhia says "they offer an opportunity to look at local communities and ensure that our customers are getting new and exciting experiences that they may not be getting otherwise" (via Super Market News).