Why KFC Canada's New Kentucky Scorcher Comes With Free Milk

KFC Canada made waves in the Great White North when it announced its new Kentucky Scorcher. According to KFC, the chicken chain designed the sandwich for Canadians who grew tired of eating sandwiches advertised as spicy and wanted something with a ton of kick. KFC then introduced this latest sandwich, featuring a fried chicken breast piece, spicy sauce, spicy mayonnaise, and pickle.

The brand promises to bring the pain with this sandwich. The signature sauces relies on Carolina Reaper peppers to lend their heat and signature flavor to the item. This notorious pepper packs a considerable punch. According to Pepper Joe's, this particular pepper ranks as the spiciest pepper out there and dishes out 1,569,300 Scoville units. Imagine eating a pepper 300 times spicier than a jalapeño and you can imagine putting one of these peppers in your mouth. KFC Canada specifically designed a sauce derived from a pepper spicy enough to ruin your day, and then decided to add insult to injury thanks to a meal addition made for anyone who claims they can't get spicy food in Canada.

A chicken sandwich that can bring tears to your eyes

KFC Canada plans to offer diners a way out if they find the sandwich too spicy. KFC states that they plan to give out free milk alongside the sandwich. "We tested dozens of hot sauces and peppers to ensure a balanced combination of spice and flavour, and the Scorcher sauce brought tears to our eyes," the Brand and Innovation Director, KFC Canada said. "This chicken is not for chickens — we've got the milk in case you need it."

Hypebeast reports that anyone who can score the milk deal should receive a bottle of milk from Milk 2 Go to ease the pain. KFC Canada may want to raise the stakes when it comes to spicy food, but they aren't sadistic. While the Carolina Reaper clocks in at over 1,000,000 Scoville units, the sauce on the sandwich only hits 13,500 Scoville units. While this spicy level might not melt your face off, it clocks in as twice as spicy as Tabasco hot sauce. Thanks to this sandwich, KFC Canada should have the last laugh when it comes to outspicing anyone who claims they can't get a hot chicken sandwich in their area and might have more than one customer reaching for that free bottle of milk.