Coke's New Flavor Tastes Like The Galaxy - Kind Of

Coke has come out with a ton of flavors over the years. According to Spoon University, items like Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke have hit their marks, while other sodas like Orange Coke and Raspberry Coke didn't taste quite right. These missteps haven't stopped Coca-Cola from exploring new flavors and their latest soda pushes these boundaries to the final frontier.

CNN reports that Coca-Cola plans to release Coca-Cola Starlight. The drink allegedly tastes like outer space and comes in regular and zero-sugar varieties. The beverage company stated that the new soda should emulate the feeling of sitting by a campfire and looking up at the stars, while also making the drinker think about "the feeling of a cold journey to space." The description has led some to believe that the soda may taste like s'mores or raspberries, but nothing has officially been confirmed yet. Additionally, the new soda has a red tint to it. While Coca-Cola claims that the drink tastes like stargazing, a reviewer managed to get their hands on it and revealed what this new soda may taste like.

What the stars taste like

CNN revealed that the new Coke product didn't remind them of drinking starlight. Rather, they said it tasted like a sweeter version of regular Coke. The company plans to hype up the drink by putting on a holographic concert featuring Ava Max that viewers can watch by scanning a QR code on the side of their Coke Starlight bottles. According to HITC, Coca-Cola will release the drink on February 21. The brand plans to release the drink at grocery stores throughout America, in addition to selling it online. 

Soda fans have started to feel the hype surrounding the soda. Over on Reddit, some soda connoisseurs who had the chance to sample the soft drink early started guessing what flavor Coke tried to pull off in this new soda. Redditors compared the taste to coffee creamer, marshmallows, and even vanilla. While many can't agree on the flavor, Redditors do love the can design, even if they can't figure out what starlight officially tastes like.