This Huge Strawberry Just Broke A World Record

A new world record has just been set. The news comes straight from Guinness World Records, who announced earlier this week that Israeli farmer Chahi Ariel has officially grown the world's heaviest strawberry. Described as a "supersized strawberry," the berry is about seven inches long, 13 inches in circumference, and clocks in at 10.19 ounces. It derives from the IIan variety, which is local to Israel and tends to produce berries that are on the larger side.

Speaking with Guinness World Records, Dr. Nir Dai, a researcher at Israel's Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), explained that this mega-strawberry was the lovechild of several smaller berries that had fused together over time. "During this strawberry season in late January and early February it was particularly cold," Dr. Nir Dai said. "The strawberry developed slowly for more than 45 days from flowering which caused it's large size at full ripening stage." That season the atmosphere was so intense that four supersized strawberries were produced. The heaviest was submitted to Guinness World Records, and deemed a new world record. It edged out the previous record by 1.37 ounces.

Fruit world records are truly mind-boggling

Seeing a strawberry that's the size of four to five normal strawberries combined is truly bananas. But it's not the only impressive produce venture out there. Australian farmer Hussam Saraf broke the world record for growing the most species of fruits on a single tree in November 2021 (via Guinness World Records). Per The Guardian, his tree not only grew five different species of fruits, but 10 varieties as well including two types of nectarines and peaches, blood and yellow plums, peachcots, apricots, almonds, and cherries. 

"I saw this tree as our multicultural community's tree, the cultures we have here – religions, traditions, all come together as one. My multicultural work and gardening work I see as one, I'm grafting it all together," he told the outlet, explaining why he described his creation as a "peaceful coexistence."

The wild fruit world records don't stop there. According to Guinness World Records, the longest line of fruit measured at 1,957 feet long and was made up of 24,638 cherries. What's even more mind-boggling is that it took three hours to count. In October 2019, the city of Chécy, France, broke the world record for the heaviest fruit salad, per Guinness World Records. It weighed 22,795 pounds and 12.8 ounces. Surely, this won't be the last time a fruit world record comes across our radar.