Ruby Tuesday's Menu Is About To Get A Lot Bigger — And More Affordable

Founded in 1972 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Ruby Tuesday has been a mainstay of the American bar and grill chain restaurant scene for years. The restaurant chain is a popular fast-casual spot that many families know and love but what people may not know is the restaurant was actually named after the Rolling Stones song of the same name and was suggested to the owner, Sandy Beall, by none other than Bob Hope (via New York Times.) Among the restaurant's heyday in the '90s and early 2000s, Ruby Tuesdays were often found in shopping mall complexes and became part of the culinary scene associated with mall culture, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

But unfortunately, the chain has taken a recent dive, and after declining sales and numerous closed locations, as Restaurant Business reports, Ruby Tuesday filed for bankruptcy in October of 2020. This doesn't mean permanent closures of all locations, even though many shut down in response to the bankruptcy and even more shuttered their doors due to the pandemic, according to Restaurant Business. In order to boost sales at remaining locations, Ruby Tuesday continues to roll out new deals and campaigns to entice diners back through their doors.

$2 deals are coming plus new menu items

One of Ruby Tuesday's newest offerings adds a ton of new menu items all at limited-time specialty prices. On February 22nd, Ruby Tuesday will roll out their new "Ruby 2sDay" deals to commemorate the 2/22/2022 date with $2 menu offerings (via Chewboom.) Some of the special $2 offerings are mini margaritas, domestic draft beers, and Ruby Relaxers, the chain's signature tropical cocktails. February 22nd also happens to be National Margherita Day, so Ruby Tuesday is also offering deals on their other margaritas as well, according to Business Wire.

In addition to their $2 deals, Ruby Tuesday is also adding ten new items to their already vast menu, which include things like BBQ Chicken Street Nachos, Honey Glazed Salmon Salad, Coconut Shrimp, Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie, and Carrot Cake, among others Chewboom reports. These new menu items will join the regular round out though the $2 deals and National Margarita Day deals will only be around for the day of February 22nd.