The Ginger Salad Dressing Aldi Shoppers Can't Stop Talking About

While a nice, fresh salad can certainly be delicious all on its own, sometimes a salad dressing can really kick the taste of those veggies up from good to great. The right kind of dressing can even serve as an excellent marinade, dip, or topping for just about all of your favorite vegetables. It seems that one satisfied Aldi shopper recently discovered the salad dressing that they want to put on every veggie they eat, and they decided to shout it from the rooftops of Reddit.

"I'm hooked on this salad dressing. It's in the refrigerator section where they sell lettuce. So amazing!" u/Turdbill_Platypus captioned a photo of the chain's Little Salad Bar Ginger Vinaigrette. They explained they liked to put it on "whatever I have on hand ... Normally I chop up the artisan lettuce from Aldi and sometimes I will shred carrots and chop cucumbers and zucchini in the salad. I'll top it with grilled chicken or something." But there are ways to use this dressing that don't have to involve salad. "I make an egg roll in a bowl recipe and smother it with this," u/HallahFin posted in a separate Reddit thread praising this same Ginger Vinaigrette dressing.

Aldi shoppers raved about the Little Salad Bar brand salad dressings

The light vinaigrette is flavored with rich ginger and tamari. A traditional Japanese sauce made from fermented soybeans, tamari delivers "a rich, umami flavor," according to Real Simple. And regardless of whether they used it as a dressing, dip, or sauce, it seems that quite a few fellow Aldi fans agreed that the flavor combinations in this salad dressing really hit the spot. "I agree. It's very good! I add a pinch of salt after dressing and it's even better," u/IntrovertedOutbreak replied, while u/ambishmambi suggested "It's amazing on cucumbers! The little snacking ones with this dressing and some green onion is delicious and easy."

This Ginger Vinaigrette is just one of the varieties of Little Salad Bar brand dressings that are available at Aldi. The chain also carries Apple Thyme, Avocado Ranch, and Beet Balsamic (via Aldi's website). Based on the social media responses, these flavors also seem to be quite the hit with a couple of shoppers. "I've tried their other fancy dressings from the refrigerated section, and they were also quite good!" one user posted.