This 'Jaw Dropping' Waterloo Display At Whole Foods Has Reddit's Attention

We've probably all seen plenty of grocery store displays. Sometimes it's just a table loaded with boxes and boxes of fresh paczki when you walk in the door. Sometimes it's middle aisle pallets full of a dizzying array of legal fireworks. And sometimes it's a massive product-based sculpture celebrating America's favorite holiday: the Super Bowl. It hardly comes as a surprise that retailers deem the Super Bowl perfect for their various "marketing opportunities" (via Progressive Grocer).

Whatever the occasion may be, stores set these displays up to get our attention. If they can get us to stop and look at apple pie or a great sale on twelve-packs, they're much more likely to make a sale. It's really only an added bonus that cases of beer and soft drinks are perfect building blocks, especially when they come in block-shaped cases. A group of cases creatively stacked at a Whole Foods caused people on Reddit to stop and smell the flowers from afar – or rather appreciate the flower-shaped arrangement of Waterloo drinks.

Whole Foods prepares for a sparkling Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras fast approaching, it should come as no surprise that some stores would get related displays ready. One Whole Foods location stacked up around $6000 of Waterloo sparkling water to create a Mardi Gras fleur de lis, according to a Reddit post. Present-day New Orleans uses the fleur de lis to represent unity (via USA Today).

Redditor hulkthepup speculated, "I guess every store makes art out of Waterloo." The original poster, Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa, commented in the thread that the many colors of Waterloo made it an easy choice for such a colorful display. Although only a few flavors made it into the display, Waterloo comes in a about dozen flavors, including black cherry, grapefruit, and lemon-lime.

A number of Redditors voiced their admiration. Okboooomer called the display "impressive," and CatheterChunks described it as "killer." An0nym0usCitizen commented, "Awe-inspiring jaw dropping display." Still, others commended Whole Foods employees for a job well done. Constructing such a colorful display that appears to be nearly 30 Waterloo cases high couldn't have been easy.