A Montana Ranch Just Brought Bison To Costco Stores

It's a fair assumption that at most steakhouses, your order options will include some type of beef, with the menu offering a variety of cuts and ways to cook them (via Rewards Network). Similarly, in grocery stores, beef is usually the go-to meat when searching for steak, but this popular protein is not the only meat choice out there, and more people are noticing the benefits, and flavors, others have to offer.

Aside from the common pork, poultry, and fish options, you may be surprised to learn about a variety of other not-so-popular animal-based proteins available, or you may have already incorporated some of these into your monthly menu. Liver, for example, is sometimes used as an option for those looking for a steak alternative and there are some more exotic meats that you might try like alligator, ostrich, and even guinea pig depending on where in the world you are eating. 

Restaurants seem to be adding more protein options to the menus, Burger King offers the Impossible Whopper for those looking for a vegetarian option, and Bareburger has a bison burger on the menu. Along that vein, Costco has teamed up with a Montana ranch to bring that same meat to their stores in an interesting way that will allow shoppers a new option to enjoy.

A new bison chili option is now available at some Costco locations

According to KPAX, bison joined other meat-based products on the shelves of 32 Costco locations in early February. The ready-to-eat grass-fed Bison Chili with beans comes courtesy of Roam Free Ranch, a free-range bison ranch in Montana. As KPAX notes, Roam Free Ranch started as a nine bison venture 10 years ago and now has about 150 bison at a time roaming across three thousand acres. 

Brittany Masters, one of the Ranch owners, shares her excitement with the news station, stating "We're the first regenerative bison ranch to be selling a ready-to-eat product in Costco." You can currently find the two-pack of bison chili at participating Costco's in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Oregon.

There are some facts you should know about bison meat, one of the more popular red meats second to beef (per Healthline). The meat offers some impressive health benefits. In addition to being protein-packed, it contains a good amount of B vitamins and minerals, and it's only 124 calories per serving with a distinctive taste.