Courvoisier's New Bottles Give A Nod To Their Roots

Once upon a time in a land far away, or, more specifically according to Eater, in the 1600s in the Cognac region of France, a drink was born that would someday become more popular here in North America than it is in its country of origin. Cognac, of course, is that drink. Today, of the four major producers making cognac, including Hennessy, Martell, Rémy Martin, and Courvoisier, the latter is considered the greenhorn of the group.

It wasn't until 1828 that newbie Courvoisier got to work in the Cognac region. According to the company's website, that is when Maison Courvoisier was established in Jarnac. A lot has happened since 1828, and recently, the not-quite 200-year-old company has been making some major moves. Food & Wine reports that Courvoisier's previous Chief Blender of 13 years, Patrice Pinet, is retiring. Taking over the role is Thibaut Hontanx who previously held the Master Distiller role at Courvoisier and will now serve as the company's seventh Chief Blender. In addition to a new Chief Blender, Courvoisier also got a brand new look.

Courvoisier's heritage is highlighted on its new packaging

Fans of Courvoisier may soon notice some changes to the brand's elegant packaging. PR Newswire reports the new look is an homage to "centuries past that made Courvoisier iconic." Food & Wine points out that the 19th century offered up inspiration for the company's VSOP Cognac bottle, and the XO bottle has a unique shape paying tribute to Maison's fourth Chief Blender, Daniel Dumon. Other historical Easter eggs, according to Food & Wine, include a bee, which stands for immortality and is France's oldest symbol, and the signature of Maison's founder, Felix Courvoisier, described on the company's website as "the true embodiment of joie de vivre." Naturally, "The Brandy of Napoleon" also features the French military leader's silhouette (via Food & Wine).

Cognac drinkers around the world may not have to go too far to locate one of the new bottles. According to Food & Wine, previously, Courvoisier's packaging varied in appearance around the world, but the brand will be launching this new look in all its markets. This means, whether you are saying "pass the Courvoisier" in New York or Paris, you will get the exact, same bottle. Tchin-Tchin!