Breyers' New Flavor Lineup Includes M&M's And Banana Split Options

If you've been sneaking ice cream out of the family fridge for as long we have, then you're probably familiar with Breyers. The ice cream brand, after all, has been working for more than a century to earn that spot in your freezer. According to Breyers' website, the company's roots go all the way back to 1866, when William A. Breyer first made a gallon of the frozen treat. By 1882, he was delivering it by buggy all across Philly.

Clearly, the company has grown by scoops and cartons since then and continues to innovate on its original nutty variety with new flavors. Earlier this year, Breyers announced in a press release that it has released several new types of ice cream. One the new flavors just might be geared toward fans who think mini M&M's taste better than the original: Breyers' new M&M's Minis flavor, which combines the tiny chocolate candies with "caramel light" ice cream and a fudge swirl. Also on the lineup is banana split, which packs strawberry chunks and a chocolate swirl into a banana base. However, those who want to try all of Breyers' new flavors will need to make room in their freezers for more than for just these two tubs.

Breyers also released cobbler-flavored and low-carb ice creams

Like its new banana split flavor, Breyers' just-launched Very Berry Cobbler ice cream is part of its Taste of America series inspired by some of the country's most popular desserts, according to the brand's website. With a strawberry ice cream base, "mouthwatering swirls of black raspberry jam and crumbly cobbler pieces," the flavor sounds very berry indeed. 

For those craving something sweet that's more in the low-carb arena, Breyers has added two new products to its CarbSmart line. As the brand's press announcement reads, these flavors have five grams of net carbs and between 120 and 130 calories per serving. The newest options are Brownie a la Mode, which mixes brownie dough pieces and fudge into a vanilla-flavored base, and mint fudge cookie, which has "chocolate crunches" and a fudge swirl. All five new flavors can be found in supermarkets nationwide, Unilever says.