Reddit Has Mixed Emotions About The Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels At Costco

Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies are an institution. But for some, the institution may not apply tastily to all aspects of life, like pretzels. "Hopes demolished," user fly_for_fun mournfully announced to the Costco subreddit. "It's like brushing your teeth with pretzels." The accompanying picture showed a bag of Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels.

Last year, Instagram user Costco Buys found the product at a Costco in 26-ounce bags for $8.99. Basically, they are pretzels dunked in thin mint-infused dark chocolate. However, even with such a straightforward product description, some were caught off guard by the intensity of the pretzel's chocolate mint coating. "Too minty was disappointed," complained StudyBright8959. Another detractor, esg4571, showed even greater disdain as they agreed with the OP: "Yes!! I hated these. The mint taste was so fake. So sad."

Many others, though, reveled in it. "I actually like those a lot," Dragonjr97 admitted, "but I will say that the mint is strong and can be overkill for those who don't love the cooling sensation." Another fan, WalkerDontRunner, went for a full-on unqualified endorsement: "These were amazing – went back immediately to buy more bags after having a handful." A few did not indulge in the non-debate, opting instead to express seemingly feigned surprise with exclamations like "Thin mints taste like mint?!?" But even if it's not a shocker that mint tastes like mint, there's a reason these pretzels might shock some Redditors' taste buds.

Why those minty pretzels might overwhelm some people

If you check the ingredients of Girl Scout Thin Mints, you shouldn't be surprised to find "oil of peppermint." And "peppermint oil" again pops up on the package of Thin Mints Pretzels. And as a user on the Costco subreddit remarked, "I feel like everything with mint tastes like that, toothpaste." That feeling might be the menthol talking. Found in mint oils, the chemical compound menthol creates that feeling of a near-burning clean in one's mouth, as explained by Science Meets Food contributor Bryan Quoc Le. In fact, the connection probably stretches from ancient burial practices in which mint was used to mask the odor of decomposition to toothpaste that covers bad breath and to the so-called "toothpaste pretzels" at Costco.

So at least for some people, those minty Girl Scouts pretzels will be too much. However, folks who like their Thin Mints and their pretzels could – as some Redditors suggest – exercise moderation to avoid feeling like they're brushing their teeth with pretzels. Unless they're like the Redditor who declared, "Wait. You can brush your teeth with pretzels?! I've been doing it WAY wrong."