Giada De Laurentiis' Favorite Pizza Toppings Might Ruin Pepperoni For You

Whether it's hot or cold, morning or midnight, pizza is always 100% delicious. But the best part about this masterful creation? It's totally customizable. While a rich tomato sauce and mounds of gooey cheese form the foundation of most pizzas, for many, the toppings are what make or break any pie. Whether you like to keep it simple with mozzarella and basil or prefer the controversial pineapple and ham combo, there's a pizza out there for everyone.

While no pizza topping is technically superior to any other, the nation does have a favorite: pepperoni. YouGov polled approximately 6,000 Americans and discovered that 64% "say they like this topping," meaning pepperoni beat out any of the other popular topping options. That said, this poll was testing tried and true American favorites such as sausage, onions, and extra cheese. When it comes to celebrity chefs, who make a living from concocting innovative foods, the pizza topping-verse expands tenfold. Per Insider, Chef Mindy Oh likes to pair her simple cheese pizzas with kimchi. Meanwhile, Wolfgang Puck's signature smoked salmon pizza, which can be made at home with a twist, is famous for a reason. Giada De Laurentiis's favorite pizza toppings are also sure to inspire some budding pizzaiolos.

Giada De Laurentiis's go-to pizza toppings are pancetta, prosciutto, and arugula

When it comes to the world of pizza, Giada De Laurentiis knows a thing or two about this traditionally Italian food. In an interview with Steve Harvey, Food Network's resident Italian expert revealed her three favorite toppings: "pancetta, prosciutto, and arugula." Sounds delish!

While these three toppings sound like they would make a stunning signature pizza combo, the "Everyday Italian" star's pizza eating style may be different from the way we do things in America. While they may share the same name, American pizzas deviate from their Italian counterpart, especially when it comes to toppings. 

According to Tuscan Eats, Italian pizzas are designed to be transportable, so people can devour these thin slices as they move from place to place. To make this process easier, these pies usually feature less cheese and only a single topping, sometimes none. This differs greatly from most pizzas in America, where specialty pies usually contain two to three toppings, at least. Regardless of how De Laurentiis eats her pizzas, each one of these ingredients seem like they would taste delicious either together or on their own.