How Hidden Valley Celebrated Meghan Markle's Wedding

Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry was one of the most-watched events of the year back in 2018. According to Statista, nearly 30 million people tuned in to watch the American actress marry the British prince. Harry and Meghan have always been a polarizing couple, with British tabloids often attempting to malign their relationship (per The Guardian). Meghan even won a privacy lawsuit in 2021 after one media outlet published segments of a private letter she had written to her father before her wedding.

Still, while many Americans were rooting for Harry and Meghan, the stress of the spotlight eventually caused the couple to give up their royal titles and opt for a quieter life in the United States (via Observer). The two have since settled down in California. While Meghan's formal royal reign did not last, there was still plenty of celebration to be had when she and Harry tied the knot. And popular ranch dressing brand Hidden Valley honored the royal wedding in a major way.

Hidden Valley created a special ranch bottle for Harry and Meghan's wedding

To celebrate the big day, Hidden Valley, known for its ranch products, opted to create a one-of-a-kind ranch bottle to award one lucky winner. The bottle, valued at $35,000, was encrusted with diamonds and sapphires, as well as white gold, according to Today.

In a statement about the bottle, which was technically designed for National Ranch Day on March 10, 2018, Hidden Valley revealed that it was also a nod to Meghan Markle's wedding to the prince. "Hidden Valley Ranch will commemorate this joyous occasion by creating a one-of-a-kind bottle to honor a fellow famous American, and remind her of the familiar flavors of her home country as she resides as royalty across the pond," the statement read, per Today.

It's unclear if Meghan appreciated the ranch bottle paying homage to her marriage, or whether she even knew about it. Though she might have dropped her royal title and is no longer official royalty as Observer notes, she's definitely ranch royalty.