Firehouse Subs Menu Items Ranked From Worst To Best

When you think of a chain sub shop, what first comes to mind? If you said Subway, you're not alone. Maybe you even thought of Quiznos. But chances are, your mind didn't first go to Firehouse Subs. That's not really fair. While some sandwich shops are known for their cold, soggy offerings, Firehouse Subs boasts hot, well-constructed sandwiches that taste a step above their competitors' items. While not everyone has a Firehouse Subs in their area, if you're lucky enough to have one near you, you should definitely take advantage of all it has to offer.

However, if you're going to Firehouse Subs for the first or second time, you may not really know what to order. Which menu items are going to keep you coming back for more, and which ones will make you doubt why you went to the restaurant in the first place? That's why we've decided to rank Firehouse Subs menu items from worst to best. The best of the bunch are fantastic. But the worst? You may want to skip those entirely. Let's take a closer look at the most — and least — delicious menu items you'll find at Firehouse Subs.

Firehouse chili

Sometimes, a simple sandwich isn't enough, and you need something else to keep your hunger at bay. If you're looking for a warming and welcoming side, you may think that the Firehouse chili is clearly the way to go. We won't deny that this side dish will fill you up, but when it comes to the flavor, you can easily leave this chili behind. It's made with ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans. Other than that, you're not going to find much in this chili. That leaves you with a boring, lackluster chili that you could find pretty much anywhere.

It's not that this chili tastes overtly bad. There's really just nothing to it — nothing interesting or compelling to entice you to take another bite. In fact, it might just end up in the trash if your sandwich is filling enough. While we understand wanting a side dish when you go to a sub shop, you may be better off just getting a bag of chips at Firehouse Subs.

Firehouse steak and cheese sub

A good steak and cheese sandwich is truly something to behold. The melding of flavors when you put steak, cheese, grilled peppers, and onions together is truly special. But that doesn't mean that every sandwich that contains this combo is actually going to taste good. As much as we hate to admit it, the Firehouse steak and cheese sub is just not satisfying in the least. The steak is way, way too dry — so dry, in fact, that you're going to want to take a sip of water after each and every bite of this sandwich.

The melted provolone here tastes good, but there's just not nearly enough of it. With such a dry meat, we wish the cheese were slathered over everything, but that's just not the case. And while the peppers and onions add a much-needed touch of flavor to the otherwise pretty flavorless sandwich, they don't do enough of the heavy lifting to take this sandwich out of second-to-last place for us. If you really value the quality of your steak and cheese sandwiches, don't disappoint yourself by ordering the Firehouse steak and cheese sub the next time you stop in for a sandwich.

Firehouse salad

Firehouse may be a sub shop, but that doesn't mean it's only allowed to sell subs and subs only. In fact, we're glad that it offers other options like salads. First of all, this appeals to people who may not be able to eat bread or other ingredients in the sandwiches. And second of all, it gives you a slightly lighter option for when you don't want to eat a whole sandwich. All that being said, not every salad on the Firehouse menu is a hit, and one that we could forget about completely is the Firehouse salad.

With romaine lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, mozzarella, and pepperoncini, this salad is about as boring as it gets. There's nothing going on here, and the salad would probably taste better if you just made it yourself at home. You are free to add turkey, grilled chicken breast, or Virginia honey ham to the salad, but that doesn't do much to make it any more appealing.

Sure, the Firehouse salad may be okay when you're in a rush, but with other, better salads on the menu, why settle for this one?

Smokehouse beef and cheddar brisket sub

We have to admit, the smokehouse beef and cheddar brisket sub looks really, really good at first glance. With melted cheddar cheese and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce dripping down the sides of the sandwich, along with the mayo more hidden between the bun, this sandwich appears to have more than enough going on. Take a bite, though, and you're likely to be disappointed. All of those sauces make a big mess, which renders this sandwich almost impossible to eat when you're on the go. If you're going to try it anyway, make sure you've brought a change of clothes with you.

The other problem is the fact that it's lacking anything fresh. The brisket isn't bad, though it's on the drier side. But other than that and the sauces, there's nothing else going on with this sandwich at all. Some shredded cabbage or some onions would go a long way in making this sub taste better, but alas, veggies of any kind are tragically missing. If you hate eating vegetables, this sandwich might be the way to go. Otherwise, you should probably skip it.

Five cheese mac & cheese

The Firehouse chili isn't great, so you may think that you're better off with the five cheese mac & cheese when you're looking for a side to go with your sub. It is true that it's better than the chili, so that's a relief. The breadcrumbs on top add a lovely crunchy texture that makes this side dish not entirely undesirable.

However, beyond the breadcrumbs, there's not that much going on here. The pasta is overcooked and mushy, leaving you without a shred of texture apart from the aforementioned breadcrumbs. The cheese sauce, despite being made with five different types of cheeses, is very one-note and bland. It's also a bit watery, which doesn't do anything to help the mushy texture of the pasta.

While it's not the worst item on the menu, we wouldn't recommend going out of your way for the mac & cheese from Firehouse.

Hook & Ladder sub

The Hook & Ladder sub seems like a sandwich that should be served cold (and note that you can get any Firehouse sub cold), but it's generally served hot. It's filled with both turkey breast and Virginia honey ham, so you're going to get more than enough protein with this sandwich. Add to that the Monterey jack cheese and all the veggie toppings you could ever want, and you've got the Hook & Ladder.

This is definitely a solid sando — it's not going to leave you hungry for more, and it's got everything a basic sandwich should have. However, we wouldn't claim that it's anything special. It seems like the kind of sub you could find anywhere, and Firehouse's version doesn't necessarily stand out. Additionally, we think this sandwich tastes better in its cold form, so you may want to opt for that if you want your sandwich to taste as good as possible.

Firehouse hero sub

Do you like the sound of the Hook & Ladder but you just want something ... more? That's where the Firehouse hero sub comes in. This sandwich is very similar to the Hook and Ladder, but in addition to that turkey breast and Virginia honey ham, you'll also enjoy the thick slices of roast beef that are included in this order. Instead of Monterey jack, you'll be treated to a layer of melted provolone. While we may prefer Monterey jack on an average day, we actually don't mind the provolone here — it plays well with the roast beef.

Our complaint about this sandwich is the same as the last one. It's good, but nothing really sets it apart from a sub you could get at any other sandwich shop. If you love roast beef, it's a great option. But if it's not your thing, you may want to pass on this one in favor of one of the other offerings on the Firehouse menu. Like the Hook & Ladder, this one is also great when it's served cold instead of toasted.

Firehouse meatball sub

Who doesn't love a meatball sub? In our opinion, it's one of the absolute best sandwiches that's ever been dreamt up. Juicy meatballs doused in marinara sauce and then tucked lovingly inside a fluffy roll? Sounds like a dream come true. Order the Firehouse meatball sub, and you're not likely to be disappointed. The melted provolone that covers the meatballs in this recipe almost acts like a protective covering that prevents all that marinara from splatting onto your pants the second you take a bite.

Is Firehouse's meatball sub the best we've ever tried? No. There are plenty of spots where you'll find plumper meatballs, a zestier marinara sauce, and even more cheese than what Firehouse offers. But those spots can be hard to find, and if you have a Firehouse in the area, it makes sense to grab one of these for a hearty and filling lunch. You're not likely to be disappointed by this choice, even if it's not the most delicious meatball sub you've ever encountered.

Hook & Ladder salad

Even if the Firehouse salad isn't great, that doesn't mean you can't get your fair share of greens that actually taste good at Firehouse Subs — just try the Hook & Ladder salad. Let's get one thing clear: Will this salad rival the salads you get at places that specialize in greens specifically? No. You're at a sandwich shop ordering a salad, so you need to get your expectations in check. Once you do, though, you'll see that this salad is more than satisfactory. Smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham do the heavy lifting here, giving this salad that extra punch of protein it needs.

But it doesn't end there. Tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and pepperoncini add an extra layer of freshness to the meal. Add in the mozzarella and dressing, and you have a salad that will help you power through your afternoon. We think this menu item could be improved with some slices of onion, but we're not going to be too picky when we're choosing a salad at Firehouse Subs.

Club on a Sub

We love that Firehouse Subs serves all of its sandwiches hot by default, but there are some sandwiches that are better hot than others. The Club on a Sub would never be our first choice to eat hot because of how many fresh ingredients it has on it when you order it Fully Involved — they just don't taste great after they've been cooked. That being said, the Club on a Sub contains one very special ingredient that transforms this sub from so-so to one of the best of the bunch: bacon.

We're not big on bacon on everything, but in the case of this sandwich, it really works. It plays well with the lean turkey breast, and the addition of Virginia honey ham brings it all together. The Monterey jack cheese adds the perfect layer of creaminess that has us coming back for more. While it's not our absolute favorite of the options at Firehouse Subs, it's one of the better choices — especially if you love biting into crispy bacon.

Loaded baked potato soup

Are you looking for the ultimate side dish to pair with your sub? Of course, you can always keep things simple with a bag of chips, but if you're looking for something a little more filling, we recommend the loaded baked potato soup. You may not assume that Firehouse Subs would do very well with soup, especially considering its mess of a chili. But when you take your first bite of this creamy, carb-y soup, you'll see that it's actually one of the better options on the menu.

This soup is definitely not lacking in the potato department — it's super filling and hearty. The bacon and sharp cheddar cheese add a richness to the soup that you wouldn't get with the potatoes alone. And the onions, chives, and pepper add some extra flavor that highlights all the best parts of this soup. Of course, it may not be able to compete with restaurants that focus on this kind of cuisine, but if you're looking for some quick soup on the go, the loaded baked potato soup from Firehouse Subs is sure to get the job done right.

Turkey Bacon anch sub

If you're looking for a sub that has an extra layer of flavor to it, you can't go wrong with the Turkey Bacon Ranch sub. It all starts with the sliced turkey breast and crispy bacon. Just like the Club on a Sub, the turkey and bacon pair perfectly in this sandwich. And instead of the Monterey jack or the provolone you'll find on most of these sandwiches, you can indulge in sharp cheddar cheese instead. Cheddar may not sound like it would be a good combo with these other ingredients, but it really is, especially when paired with the creamy peppercorn ranch dressing. We wish Firehouse would put this sauce on everything because it really made this sandwich stand out.

Onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayo round out the dish, complete with a toasted sub roll. The Turkey Bacon Ranch sub has so many layers and so many different flavors going on that it is a clear choice for our top six.

Engineer sub

While a lot of the sandwiches at Firehouse Subs taste pretty similar, there is one that stands out from the rest when it comes to its flavor profile. That sandwich is the Engineer sub. This sandwich offers something completely different, and for that, we're grateful. Smoked turkey breast lays the foundation for this Firehouse staple, and you're not going to find another kind of meat stacked on top of your turkey. Rather, you'll get a heaping serving of sauteed mushrooms. These mushrooms are cooked to perfection, and they add a lovely texture that you don't get in any of the other sandwiches on this list. Add some melted Swiss cheese on top, and you have a subtle symphony of flavors that also helps you pack more veggies into your diet.

You can order your Engineer sub with the standard lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayo, and a pickle on the side, or you can opt for something simpler and ask the staff to leave any ingredients you don't love off of your sandwich. For all of the mushroom lovers out there, this sandwich was made with you in mind.

Italian salad with grilled chicken

Finally, our favorite salad of them all: the Italian salad with grilled chicken. This salad is definitely our first choice when we go to Firehouse and want something that feels fresh but is going to be super-filling at the same time. It all starts with the crunchy chopped romaine lettuce. That lettuce is then dressed up with both grilled chicken and salami. We love this combo because while the chicken feels lean, hearty, and filling, the salami does its part by adding some fat and richness into the otherwise pretty healthy salad. You need that extra dose of taste, so we're appreciative of that salami for working overtime.

Veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, pepperonicinis, and cucumber make the salad more interesting and offer a pop of color, while the mozzarella and dressing make for the perfect finish to the dish. Salad lovers, we've found you your perfect Firehouse Subs meal at last. Go ahead and bask in that produce aisle freshness.

Sweet & spicy meatball sub

You know that we already like the Firehouse meatball sub. After all, what's not to love about meatballs and bread when they're combined? It's a match made in heaven. But if there's something we love more than regular meatballs, it's sweet and spicy meatballs, and that's just what the sweet & spicy meatball sub at Firehouse offers. It's basically the same sandwich as the original — you've got the toasted bread, the chunky meatballs bathed in marinara sauce, and a blanket of melted provolone on top. It's already off to a great start, so it's hard to imagine it going wrong here.

To add an extra touch of flavor, they pile on Captain Sorensen's Datil Pepper Hot Sauce that's both hot and a bit sweet. If you like just a bit of heat but not too much, this sandwich will be perfect for you. The flavor isn't too intense, but you get just the right amount of fire to make you want to take another bite. To round it out, they also add some red pepper flakes. The end result is a fantastic hot sandwich that's both delicious and difficult to take on the go — make sure you're sitting down at a table when you eat this one.

New York Steamer sub

At first glance, we never expected the New York Steamer sub to be one of our favorites. Appearance-wise, it looks kind of sad when compared to most of the other sandwiches on the menu, and we just weren't convinced it was going to taste as good as the other choices. But after taking one bite, we knew that it was among the best of the best on the Firehouse lineup. It all comes down to the corned beef brisket. It's salty and has a touch of umami that it's hard to get enough of. The pastrami on top of that corned beef brisket only makes every bite taste even more luscious. We wish more of the sandwiches on the menu featured this fantastic combo.

But the fun doesn't end there. The melted provolone is the perfect cheese to pair with these meats, and the mayo and Italian dressing ensure that it's not too dry. Our favorite sauce, though, is the deli mustard. It balances everything out by adding a zing of acidity to an otherwise super heavy sandwich. This sub is not for the faint of heart, as it is a lot of meat and cheese. But when you want to indulge and treat yourself, the New York Steamer sub should be at the top of your list.

Italian sub

Sometimes, you have to stick with the classics, and that's why the Italian sub at Firehouse has secured the very top spot on our ranking. When you think of a sub, this kind of sandwich is probably what pops into your head. It boasts three types of meat: salami, pepperoni, and Virginia honey ham. Melted provolone adds another layer of richness, while the usual suspects — mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions — play valuable supporting roles to ensure that this sandwich is as refreshing as possible despite the rich, fatty meats.

The best part of this sub, though, has to be the Italian dressing. Yes, it's the same stuff that's on the New York Steamer sub, and it truly is one of the best condiments that Firehouse Subs offers. It has a lovely tang and acidity to it that keeps things interesting. To top it all off, Firehouse adds extra seasonings to this recipe so you never lack the flavor you crave.

While this sandwich can certainly be served hot, we think it tastes best when it's cold. But that's the magic of Firehouse: You get to choose whatever sounds best to you. Give the Italian sub a try if you're looking for a sandwich that's always going to come through for you.