Spice Lovers Won't Want To Miss These New Sam's Club Items

In 2020, Sam's Club surprised its fans by launching a spicy chicken sandwich that reminded customers of southern-style sandwiches from Chick-fil-A. Per Today, Sam's Club offered the breaded chicken breast filet sandwiches from Member's Mark in boxes of 10 that were available for $16 each. A Redditor who sampled the product wrote a glowing review that read, "We bought these, I've had one so far. I made them in the air fryer. It was really good, tasted very similar to a spicy Chick-fil-A." 

Sam's Club has also experimented with other spicy offerings. For example, the store started selling the Huy Fong Original Sriracha Almonds in 2020, a spicy treat that combined crunchy almonds with Sriracha sauce (via Pop Sugar). A customer praised the product on the Sam's Club website and wrote, "I'm a huge fan of anything Sriracha, this is no different. I would highly recommend these if you like Sriracha sauce or if you just like spicy nuts."

The retailer has now launched more products for its customers in the hope that they will appeal to customers who enjoy cranking up the spice levels in their dishes.

New spicy items have been launched

According to information sent to Mashed, Sam's Club customers can now get their hands on new spicy products: The Member's Mark Nashville Hot Crinkle Kettle Chips and Member's Mark Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning. The gluten-free kettle chips are claimed to be "made from simple, delicious ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives" and are going to be offered for a limited time.

Meanwhile, the Member's Mark Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning offers a blend of sweet and spicy flavors that includes ingredients such as paprika, cayenne, brown sugar, and vinegar. Per Sam's Club, the seasoning is a good addition to Nashville Style Hot Sandwiches and can be used as a seasoning option for meats or veggies, and in salad dressings, dips, and more.

Reviews for the kettle potato chips are mixed so far — a disgruntled commentator wrote on the retailer's website, "Both my wife and I didn't care for these chips at all. The Tabasco taste was okay, but the chicken was not good." However, another customer loved the product so much that they asked Sam's Club to make the chips a permanent item and added, "Love that they are gluten-free!"