Martha Stewart's Green Juice Recipe Is Her Secret To 'Looking Good'

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart prefers keeping things simple on a daily basis and using food items from her farm to prepare delicious meals at home. She told Harper's Bazaar last year in an interview, "I want organic, I want clean, I want tasty, and I want healthy." She added that she doesn't like snacking and prefers eating a "light lunch" such as a tuna fish salad with ingredients such as olive oil, celery, apple, pepper, mayonnaise, and more.

The chef also mentioned that her fridge usually has classic ingredients like butter, parmesan cheese, organic milk, eggs, and crème fraîche. Stewart recently took to TikTok to share one of her most beloved recipes: a green juice that she likes to drink every morning. The chef claimed that her recipe is fairly delicious and doesn't include kale, a controversial ingredient that can taste a bit too bitter for some.

Stewart is loyal to her green juice

In her TikTok video, Martha Stewart spoke about her trustworthy green juice recipe and mentioned that it has ingredients such as homegrown spinach, celery, mint, parsley, store-bought cucumbers, oranges, ginger, and pineapple slices. She added that many people have wondered why she doesn't add kale or cabbage to her juice to which she said, "First of all, kale makes me burp ... I just like to make juice that tastes really, really good."

She wrote in the caption that she follows a healthy diet and exercises regularly but believes that her "real secret to looking good" is her green juice (she has a glass every single day). Also, Stewart spoke at length about her green juice recipe in the Harper's Bazaar interview and said, "My green juice is very special to me."

A commentator thanked Stewart for avoiding raw kale because the ingredient usually gives them painful cramps, while another TikTok user simply wrote a comment filled with longing: "I wish we could purchase this in the stores."