Cracker Barrel's Pancake Kitchen Is Getting A Major Expansion

We've been loving Cracker Barrel and its adjoining general store for over 50 years. Country fried steak, mac n' cheese, meatloaf, homestyle fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, all the best things to order at the beloved chain to fill your food fantasies. And we can't forget the comforting all-day breakfast items on the Cracker Barrel menu. Sure, an order of three pancakes with maple syrup packs a whopping 740 calories, but at least it tastes good and fills you up (via Cracker Barrel). 

Two of the top five most popular menu items at the restaurant include pancakes, says Fox Business. So, it's no surprise that the brand recently announced plans to expand its delivery-focused brand, The Pancake Kitchen, with nearly 100 additional locations in the United States throughout 2022, bringing the grand total of Pancake Kitchens to 200 (via Restaurant News). Why get up early to make pancakes and bacon when you can have a Cracker Barrel breakfast brought right to your door with a little help from DoorDash and Uber Eats?

Cracker Barrel pancakes in bed? Yes, please!

Pancake Kitchen already resides in 100 Cracker Barrel locations, but that number is scheduled to double in 2022, says a press release, via Restaurant News. If you wake up on a Saturday morning with a real hankering for some blueberry pancakes but don't want to cook or drive, you're in luck. On the UberEats and DoorDash apps, you can order two or three pancakes in classic buttermilk, pecan, blueberry, confetti, and chocolate chip varieties, as well as sides of hash browns, fried apples, bacon, and sausage. You can even order extra syrup.

According to Foodservice Equipment Reports, the additional Pancake Kitchens will operate out of Cracker Barrel stores and new ghost kitchens, alongside virtual brand Chicken n' Biscuits. Its first ghost kitchen in L.A. is thriving, says Restaurant Business, so no doubt the chain is headed in that direction to keep up with delivery orders. If food delivery is the future, we might as well welcome it with open arms (and open stomachs).