Trader Joe's Has A New Cookie Perfect For Francophiles

The French have pioneered some of the most iconic cookies of all time. According to Insanely Good, France claims macarons, madeleines, palmiers, chocolate meringues, and many more types of bite-sized confections. Some might believe you have to search out a specialty bakery to get your hands on these items, but now, Trader Joe's carries a specialty French cookie that lets you bypass the patisserie altogether.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist spotted new chocolate wafer cookies during a recent shopping trip and snapped a picture for social media. They posted the photo alongside a caption reading, "NEW FRENCH CHOCOLATE CREPE WAFER COOKIES • $2.99 • Let's call these incredible! They are a delicate, flakey wafer enrobed in rich creamy milk chocolate. It's nearly impossible to just have 1! Take your taste buds on a Parisian adventure and enjoy these cookies one by one!" The enthusiasm spilled over into the comments and followers couldn't wait to jump in with their own impressions of the sweets.

Chocolate wafers that transport you to Paris

The Instagram post has picked up some serious traction, and fans can't get enough of this Trader Joe's find. Excited takes on the French Chocolate Crepe Wafer Cookies range from "I am so excited to try these," to "These are soooooooooooooooo amazing! Ate the whole box in one sitting!" Others jumped in with takes such as "I tried them yesterday ... they're already gone!! So tasty" and "Yes!! These are sooo good. And serving size is 6." One user even confirmed the authenticity of the cookies, saying, "Omg whenever we go to France we stock up and bring these types of cookies home! Glad we'll be able to get these from TJ's now."

Followers loved the find, and the only negativity came in the form of people wishing they had grabbed these wafers. One Instagrammer said, "Ugh, I saw these the last time I went shopping, and I knew I should've grabbed one! Hopefully they're still around when I go back this weekend," and another user couldn't find them, saying, "Did not see these yesterday. I need them!!!" Those who did get the chance to take home a box had one common thought: "I enjoyed them but they were too easy to eat!"