Wolfgang Puck Shows TikTok How To Make CUT's Butter Lettuce Salad

Butter lettuce has a delectable name and proves to be a highly versatile ingredient. According to Masterclass, it can easily find its way into salads or transform into a plant-centric wrap. The produce item consists of a few strains of lettuce, like Bibb or Boston lettuce, and gets its name from the buttery texture of the leaves. You might not immediately associate lettuce and butter with each other, but when you compare this lettuce to a crispy vegetable like Romaine lettuce, the comparison makes more sense.

Butter lettuces can transform into great salads, so it just makes sense that Wolfgang Puck created a signature dish for his restaurant, CUT, using this variety of produce. According to Detroit Free Press, Puck's salad draws upon a cheese like blue cheese, Roquefort or Stilton, in addition to cherry tomatoes, avocado, sherry vinegar, a variety of fresh herbs, and the special butter lettuce. While the chef has shared the recipe for this salad before, nothing compares to watching the master at work. Puck recently amazed fans by taking to TikTok to show off exactly how he constructs the iconic creation.

How Wolfgang Puck constructs his signature salad

In the TikTok video, Puck walks viewers through the steps of making the signature CUT butter lettuce salad. The chef first recommends that home cooks thoroughly wash and dry the butter lettuce leaves. Puck then whips up the dressing by mixing up white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, and the secret ingredient — sugar. Some Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper then go in, alongside walnut, olive, and peanut oil. Puck then adds a container of fresh chives, tarragon, and parsley into the mix. After laying the butter lettuce leaves onto a sheet pan, Puck drizzles the dressing over the leaves, and begins plating the lettuce with cheese and cherry tomatoes by stacking the components on top of each other. For the perfect presentation, Puck even compared building the salad to building a house.

TikTok users loved watching this master chef create his one-of-a-kind salad. Excited replies poured in. "I would trust this man with my life," one fan wrote. "That salad looks amazing. Only you can put simple ingredients together and make food that looks like art," said another. Users chimed in with gems like, "Lettuce appreciate how good that looks," and, "The salad looks great but I suspect that dressing is where the real magic is." Fans loved the creation and could sum up the video in one single sentiment — "Beautiful."