The Brutal Way Wendy's New Billboards Troll McDonald's Fries

Everyone knows that the fast food industry is highly competitive. Two well-known brands that have often tried to outdo each other are McDonald's and Wendy's — according to Business Insider, the two companies competed particularly fiercely against each other in 2018. For example, Wendy's released a Super Bowl commercial that made fun of McDonald's frozen beef with the tagline, "The iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen, too." Furthermore, the commercial advised its viewers to "skip the hamburgers at the Frozen Arches."

While the brand was already known for being pretty vocal on its social media accounts, it challenged a competitor on TV for the first time. However, McDonald's had a strategy of its own and the company declared that it would be using fresh beef while making its Quarter Pounder burgers across the U.S. As expected, Wendy's reacted to the news strongly on social media with a tweet that read, "Hey @McDonalds, heard the news. Happy #NationalFrozenFoodDay to you for all the frozen beef that's sticking around in your cheeseburgers."

Well, this rivalry isn't going away anytime soon: per Entrepeneur, Wendy's has started teasing McDonald's once more — this time around, the brand is focusing on fries.

It's a pretty obvious dig at McDonald's

According to Entrepreneur, Wendy's has been using billboards in Chicago to talk about its fries. For context, the brand made changes to its French fries recipe in August last year in a bid to "maintain a fresher and crispier consistency upon delivery." The company's President Kurt Kane explained that Wendy's outlets adopted "a batter system" that lets the fries stay crispy when they're freshly prepared as well as "several minutes later."

However, Wendy's latest print advertisement isn't just promoting its fries; it's also mocking McDonald's fries with the words, "Hot crispy fries don't arch. Just sayin.'" There's also a photo of a French fry next to the text that (sort of) resembles the McDonald's logo. In case the message isn't clear, there's also more text that tells consumers that Wendy's fries "are preferred over McDonald's almost 2 to 1."

Of course, people have noticed the latest dig and taken to social media to express their thoughts on the advertisement. One Twitter user posted a photo of a billboard with the Wendy's ad on it and wrote, "I love y'all @Wendys but @McDonalds fries are god tier. Y'all okay though." Someone else was pretty amused by the ad and said, "Whoever runs the @Wendys account can really throw some 'shade'".