Amanda Freitag Is Psyched For Guy Fieri's Tournament Of Champions

Guy Fieri's "Tournament of Champions" is back for a third season, and fans aren't the only ones who seem excited about the return of the bracket-style head-to-head cooking competition. The Food Network has been hyping the new season with 32 contestants to lots of fanfare, given that the grand prize is $100,000.

One of these Season 3 "TOC" competitors is Amanda Freitag who may be best known as a longtime judge on "Chopped," though she's also appeared on Food Network standbys like "Beat Bobby Flay" and "Iron Chef America," and she also has plenty of restaurant experience under her belt (via Amanda Freitag). Freitag competed in Season 1 and Season 2 of "Tournament of Champions," finishing in the semifinals in the first (via Food Network Gossip). Like the fans, Freitag is over the moon about Season 3, making her feelings known on a recent Instagram post.

Freitag shared her excitement on Instagram

Amanda Freitag shared a picture on Instagram dressed up in her chef duds on the set of "Tournament of Champions," with a caption that summed up how she felt. "Tonight is the start of another #TournamentOfChampions and, looking back at the battles I've been through across different competitions, I get goosebumps. Stepping into the arena with all these talented, inspiring chefs? THAT is something special," Freitag shared.

She wasn't alone with her sentiments. Fellow chefs and "TOC" competitors hopped on to leave love for Freitag. "You are an inspiration," said Chef Karen Akunowicz of "Top Chef." Brooke Williamson, also of "Top Chef" and a returning "Tournament of Champions" winner, said, "Lesss go!!!" Other notable names who commented on her post include Cat Cora, Jet Tila, and Leah Cohen (Cohen is a former "Top Chef" competitor). It looks like Freitag isn't the only person who is psyched for another season of Guy Fieri's "Tournament of Champions."